March 04, 2021

The measurement and analysis die-casting process

1, die-parametric tester, primary, secondary and boost conversion point in time, 2, pressure die casting starting point impact on the quality of: After the initial stage filling 80%, for two and boost start transition point in time, and finally holding pressure, otherwise it will affect the quality. 3, injection plunger wear blocked shot poor impact on the die-casting parameters; 4, injection chamber and the punch wear analysis of the causes: With the degree of the injection chamber and the punch gap is less than 0.1 mm, a punch and a pressure chamber and forth wearing high temperatures generated by friction, pressure chamber larger diameter, smaller punch, the punch scrap aluminum stuck, impact pressure chamber transfer speed and pressure and refused to accept the force to punch so to use high-temperature lubricants, plunger will open cooling water, but also to choose the punch material, generally used in ductile iron or bronze, etc..