October 26, 2020

Tan Xuguang: Fast should further strengthen and expand its own brand

On the morning of June 24, 2010, Chairman Tan Xuguang, accompanied by General Manager Li Dakai of Fast Company, came to the Fast High-tech Factory to evaluate, investigate and instruct.

Tan Xuguang inspects Fast
Tan Xuguang attends the work of Fast

General Manager Li Dakai introduced the general ideas and goals of Fast in terms of product innovation and R&D, strategic planning adjustment, development mode change, innovation resource integration, talent team building, and industrial chain extension, and focused on the fact that Fast relies on technological innovation. Achievements in high-end products and development of new products with low noise, low energy consumption, low-carbon environment, and wide-area development. Chairman Tan Xuguang pointed out that Fast's product technology innovation, information management, and the construction of scientific and technological personnel are the basis for Fast's development and growth.

At the same time, Chairman Tan Xuguang fully affirmed and highly evaluated Fast's new achievements and new breakthroughs in scientific development. He also asked Fast to further strengthen product development process management and process technology innovation and improve information management. At the same level, we continuously increase the introduction of high-end technical talents, scientifically optimize the talent training environment, further increase investment in product testing and supporting facilities, improve the overall level of product testing and assembly, and research and development capabilities of enterprises, further strengthen and expand independent brands, and innovate for enterprises. Development, scientific development and long-term development provide strong support.


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