April 02, 2020

The replacement of Sui production cars with the old one is expected to receive a maximum of 11,000 yuan subsidy

The long-awaited "implementation method for car replacement" has been officially implemented in many provinces and cities across the country. This is another measure taken by the state to save the market after the purchase tax has been lowered. The "Measures" stipulates that during the period from June 1, 2009 to May 31, 2010, the old mini-vehicles and medium-sized passenger cars that have been used for less than eight years will be scrapped and used for less than 12 years. Light-duty trucks and medium-sized passenger vehicles (excluding taxis), as well as various "yellow-marked vehicles" that have been scrapped in advance, can enjoy subsidies ranging from 3,000 yuan to 6,000 yuan depending on the type of vehicle being scrapped.

Recently, Guangzhou City has already formulated the "Guangzhou City Car Renewal Work Program (Consultation Draft)". The key point in the "Draft for Soliciting Opinions" is that in addition to the central financial subsidy, if you buy a car from Guangzhou, you will also receive the city finance. Subsidies. That is to say, the vehicles that meet the subsidy conditions will be transferred out of Guangzhou City in accordance with the law, and will be replaced with Guangzhou-made cars whose emission standards have reached State III. The municipal finance will add an additional 5,000 yuan per vehicle. If the "Draft for Soliciting Opinions" is implemented, eligible Guangzhou owners will be expected to pay a maximum of 11,000 yuan.

The car market will benefit from it

The government issued the "new-for-old-for-new" policy, not only benefiting the commercial vehicle market, but also the car market benefiting from the policy of "replacement of old cars" because the "yellow label car" that was scrapped in advance also includes pollutants that do not meet national standards. Standard car.

According to the data, at present, Guangzhou has about 200,000 “yellow-marked vehicles”, of which there are not a few cars. Since the period for the replacement of national cars is from June 1, 2009 to May 31, 2010, it will be The consumption of Guangzhou auto market will play a huge role.

Guangzhou local auto companies further strengthen their position

If the "Guangzhou Automobile Replacement Work Program (Draft for Soliciting Opinions)" formulated by Guangzhou Municipality is implemented, then the three Guangzhou auto companies that have all met the national III standards will undoubtedly be a blessing. The city's additional 5,000 yuan will be purchased in Guangzhou. Subsidy for automobiles will enable Guangzhou Automobile Honda, GAC Toyota, and Dongfeng Nissan to further strengthen their strong position in Guangzhou. According to statistics from 2008, Guangzhou's production of 897,400 cars for the first time surpassed Shanghai's ranking first in the country. The introduction of such measures will also promote Guangzhou to become the country's largest auto production base.

Dealers to use this to increase prices or profit recovery?

The cars produced in Guangzhou that meet the national III standards include: Accord, Odyssey, Fengfan, Fit, Camry, Yaris, Highlander, TIIDA, Sylphy, Converse, Hacker, Junyi, and Qijun.

Of these models, most of them are hot models nowadays, especially small-displacement vehicles. Under the influence of the purchase tax policy, the rate of lettings this year has been greatly reduced. Take Yaris as an example. Last year, up to 30,000 discounts were commonplace. The Nissan TIIDA has been soaring since the beginning of this year. The current market's profit margin is only about 5-7 thousand yuan, and the car cycle is infinitely extended.

If the “Draft for Soliciting Opinions” is issued and implemented, it means that the old-for-new election of a Guangzhou-produced automobile is expected to receive a maximum of 11,000 subsidies, and in the case of a city without a car in Guangzhou, it is highly probable that dealers will increase prices or reduce their profits sharply. And take this opportunity to make some commercial hype. If this is true, the high subsidies received by the trade-in replacement will not stimulate consumers to play a role.

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