October 26, 2020


Components of whole set roof roll forming machine:
The De-coiler
Coil Sheet Guiding and Adjusting Equipment
Film Covered Device
Main Roll Forming System
Post-Cutting Device
Hydraulic Station
PLC Control System
Support Table
Technical parameters of export standard roof roll forming machine:
1 Main motor power: 5.5KW
2 Hydraulic station power: 4KW
3 Hydraulic oil pump: CB-E310
4 Sprocket: P-25.4
5 Roller station: 16
6 Yield strength: 32MPa
7 Diameter of principal axis: 80MM (add a key between axle and roller to fix)
8 Material of roller: C45steel hard chrome plating
9 Processing speed: 8-15m/min(we can do 15m/min also, but we recommend 8m/min)
10 Thickness: 0.2-1.0mm
11 Installation dimension about(L*W*H): 9.2*1.5*1.4M
12 Total weight: About 6.6T
13 Equipment parts includes: Decoiler (capacity 8t), roll forming system, hydraulic system, PLC frequency conversion control system, the sensor of length, cutting system.
14 The temperature range of working line: -35— 50

Working Flow

Decoiler → front shear (require or not) → guiding unit → roll forming unit → rear shear → finished product supporter/ (stacking unit)

No Item Description
1 Raw material Material type Color coating steel
Thickness 0.3-0.8 (mm)
Yield Strength 230-300Mpa
Width 1092(mm)
weight 5(tons)
Coil OD Φ1350mm
Coil ID Φ508 mm/Φ610mm
2 decoiler Expanding Hydraulic
Releasing Hydraulic
Speed control Light control
power //
3 Roll forming system Guiding 1 set
Filming device //
Pre-cutting Require or not
Lubricating device //
Roll forming 1 set
Post cutting 1 set
No of roller station About 20
Roller material No 45 steel
Forming speed 30 (m/min)
Power About 7.5 kw
4 Power source AC380V,50Hz,3 Phase
5 Total power (kw) About 11
6 Machine dimension (L×W×H, m) See layout

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