January 19, 2022

Preventive measures for accidents caused by collapse of metallurgical mines

Preventive measures

1. When the multi-layer ore body is layered and recovered, the lower layer of the ore layer must be recovered after the rock at the top of the upper layer collapses and stabilizes.

2. When the upper and lower adjacent middle sections are simultaneously harvested, the inclined length of the upper middle section mining working surface ahead of the lower middle section should be more than 20m.

3. When the mining work finds that the top is weak and unstable, it must take support measures. If the blasting or ground pressure is damaged, the support should be repaired in time to confirm the safety and correct operation.

4. Before the mining, the top plate and the two sets of pumice must be treated first, and the safety must be checked. In the operation, it is found that the roof is threatened, and the operation should be stopped, especially if there is a danger of a big roof, the operator should be immediately notified to evacuate the site.

5. If there is a goaf at the edge of the stope, the edge of the goaf should be taken first. In case of a stope with broken roof and serious ground pressure, in addition to necessary support, it is necessary to speed up the mining process and minimize the mining. Field exposure time.

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