January 19, 2022

Chaihulanzi Gold Mine Concentrator

It was completed and put into production in 1986 with a design scale of 100t/d.

(1) The nature of the ore: mine genus warmed solution containing gold quartz filled fissure vein-type deposits, ore rock alteration sericite quartz vein gold sulfide depleted, deep oxidation degree, with more mud. The main metal ore minerals are limonite ore followed pyrite, hematite, and a small amount of native gold. The gangue minerals are mainly quartz, followed by feldspar , chlorite, mica and calcite . The state of natural gold is mainly symbiotic with gangue minerals and not closely with metal minerals. The gold inlay has a finer particle size and is very uneven, and generally has a particle size of 0.037 mm. The ore density is 2.65 t/m3.

(2) Process: ore using cyanide direct, countercurrent washing, powdered zinc substitution process, the gold clay crucible by melting points of silver with nitric acid, the final product of Crude and silver. The process flow is shown in the figure below.

The ore cyanide is commonly known as whole mud cyanide. In China, due to the nature of ore, there are fewer plants that use this process to raise gold. At present, only the united ditch, Chiweigou, Haigou, Chaihu and other gold mines use full mud. Cyanide, but the process of the whole mud cyanidation process in foreign gold production is dominant. For oxidized ores that are difficult to float and easy to dip, the ore with more gold and less gold is uniquely adaptable and can obtain excellent indicators that cannot be obtained by other processes. The leaching equipment of the plant adopts a new type of axial flow energy-saving mixing tank, which has the characteristics of low energy consumption and high efficiency, and can be used for reference by similar enterprises. However, the ore is muddy, resulting in a low washing rate and needs to be improved. The process indicators, unit consumption indicators, and main equipment are shown in the table below.

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