December 07, 2021

Safety technology measures during the period of dynamic pressure during transportation

I. Overview

9104 tape transport trough north roadway from opening, now boring 530 meters, is about to be affected by adjacent coal mining 9102 Mining Face, in order to ensure safety, especially the development of the following technical safety measures.

Second, safety technical measures

1. After each succession, before the workers enter the coal head, the captain, the foreman or the safety officer should carefully check the top and support the situation from the outside to the inside, and confirm that there is no problem before construction.

2. Strictly implement the “knocking and asking top” system (the working surface must be equipped with knives, crowbars, etc.), carefully check the surrounding rock conditions, handle the net activity and dangerous stones, and ensure the construction safety.

3, 9104 transport the trough anchor cable, the anchor bolt should be close to the coal head, and must not lag. When the pressure is large, the bolts are changed from the original φ18×1800mm round steel anchor to the φ20×2000mm round steel anchor.

4. The deformation of the surrounding rock is serious. The original support bolt spacing is reduced from 900mm to 600mm, and the anchor line spacing is reduced from 1800mm to 600mm. From the original two rows of two anchor cables to two in each row and An interval arrangement.

5, when the roadway is super high, super wide or when there is a piece of gang, the top of each top is 400mm plus a top anchor. For each super high 400mm, add a bolt, and when the piece is serious, help the anchor from the original three. It becomes four, one at 300mm from the top, and the elevation angle is 15°, and the other three are shot at a pitch of 650mm.

6. A set of mine pressure observation stations is set every 50 meters, and the anchor pressure gauge is installed on the side of the working face of 9102. Arrange full-time personnel to observe the displacement of the top plate separator, the anchor pressure gauge and the top and bottom plates, and the displacement of the two sets. Observe once a day and make a record. If it is found that the pressure on the roof is large, the roof is separated from the floor, the pallet is deformed, the cap is fractured, and the roof is audible, etc., it is necessary to stop the operation immediately, withdraw all the personnel on the working surface, report the dispatch, and check with the production department. Make sure that the support plan is then carried out from the outside to the top. If the condition of anchoring cable is available, the anchor cable should be encrypted according to the condition of the roof. Otherwise, it should be shed and maintained, and special measures should be reported.

7, support quality and support technical requirements

(1) the adhesion strip steel anchor rods, iron pallet, roof adhesion strip, the adhesion to help anchor the pallet with help coal.

(2) The steel strip can not be connected to the top, and the top plate is connected with two open wooden “well” characters, no more than two layers.

(3) All anchor anchoring forces, tightening torques and pre-tensioning of anchor cables must meet the design requirements. The anchoring force of the top anchor is not less than 70KN (the LDZ200 type dynamometer gauge reading is not less than 20Mpa), and the tightening torque is not less than 150N·m. The anchoring force of the anchor bolt is not less than 50KN (the LDZ200 type dynamometer pressure gauge reading is not less than 14.5Mpa), the tightening torque is not less than 120N·m, the bolt exposed length is 10~50mm; the φ15.24mm anchor cable bearing capacity should be 230KN or more, pre-tightening force 120KN, using MD18-250/53 type tensioning jack with electric pump pre-tightening, pressure gauge reading reaches 25Mpa. The MS15-180/55 pressure gauge reading reached 34 Mpa.

(4) When lapping, mutual overlap of not less than 10 cm, 20 cm each networked together with a double-stranded networking wire # 14 lead wire, use a dedicated network hook kink less than three turns tightened.

(5) The angle of the anchor and anchor cable must meet the design requirements. The distance between the anchor and the anchor cable is checked. When the allowable error is exceeded, the anchor and anchor cable are re-filled.

8. Other unmentioned points shall be strictly implemented in accordance with the “Safety Regulations for Coal Mines”, “Code of Operation for Roadway Excavation”, “Working Regulations for 9104” and other relevant regulations.

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