December 07, 2021

Three-phase portable short-circuit grounding wire use

The use and classification of three-phase portable short-circuit grounding wire
1. When the high-voltage line or equipment is overhauled, in order to prevent sudden power transmission, the three-phase overhead line or busbar on the power supply side should be temporarily grounded with a grounding wire.
2. To prevent adjacent high-voltage lines or equipment from inducing voltage on the power-off lines or equipment to cause harm to the human body, or to repair the equipment or circuit due to power failure. The induced voltage may cause harm to the human body. Use the grounding wire for the power-off maintenance circuit or relevant parts of the equipment. Temporarily grounded.
3. When working on the device after a power outage, use the grounding wire to discharge the remaining charge on the device with a temporary grounding wire, that is, to release the residual charge, commonly known as "discharge."
(1) The high-voltage grounding wire can be divided into three types : the three-phase portable short-circuit ground wire indoor bus-type ground wire (JDX-NL) and the outdoor wire-type ground wire (JDX-WS) according to the use environment.
(2) High voltage grounding wire can be divided into 10KV grounding wire, 35KV high voltage grounding wire, 110KV grounding wire, 220KV high voltage grounding wire, 500KV high voltage grounding wire according to voltage class.
(3) The length of the insulated operating rod required for the grounding wire is defined according to the national size (by Baiding Electric) as follows:
380v ground wire, 500v ground wire, 6kv ground wire, operating rod length 50CM
10KV ground wire operation rod length length 1 meter
35KV grounding wire insulation operating rod length 1.5 meters
110KV grounding wire insulation operating rod length 2 meters
220KV grounding wire insulation operating rod length 2.5 meters
500KV grounding wire insulation operating rod length 8 meters
Portable short-circuit ground wire AC500KV Factory direct 500kv ground wire, 220kv ground wire, portable short-circuit ground wire, 35kv ground wire, insulated joint ladder, hook-type ground wire, insulation lift, epoxy insulation ladder, 3 meters insulation ladder, Insulation ladder, glass fiber reinforced insulation ladder, stainless steel expansion fence, insulation stretching fence and other multi-industry products.
Portable short-circuit ground wire JDX-500Kv, high-voltage line use, single-phase configuration 35mm2 or 50mm2 transparent soft copper wire and throw-hanging clamp and aluminum grounding clamp. Length support custom made. Ground wire factory direct sales, the country shipped, off-the-shelf.
Three-phase portable short-circuit ground wire Note:
The power operator shall operate in accordance with the procedures specified in the “Safety Work Regulations” of the electrical industry. Connect the grounding clamp first and then the shorting clamp. When removing the grounding wire, the short-circuit clamp must be removed first according to the procedure, and then the grounding clamp must be removed. The grounding line shall be operated strictly in accordance with the procedures stipulated in the “Safety Work Regulations” of the electrical industry to ensure personal safety.
Maintenance and storage
Every time before use, you should carefully check whether the grounding wire is in good condition. The soft plastic copper wire should be bare, broken, and the nuts should not be loosened. Otherwise you must not use it. The product should be kept clean and tidy, and it must not be thrown anywhere. Care should be taken to prevent the sediment and dirt from entering the pores of the product. This will affect the normal use of the grounding wire. The grounding wire subjected to the short-circuit current should be subject to the short-circuit current. And appearance inspection and judgment, generally should be scrapped.
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1. There are two types of short-circuit grounding wire: split-phase type and combination type. There are two kinds of flat wire type and hook type wire end clamps, please indicate when users choose.
2. The cross-sectional area and length of the soft plastic copper wire are matched according to the user's specific requirements.
3, when ordering must explain the wire size range and the use of voltage levels.
4. Insulating operating rods are selected according to the requirements of the user.

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