December 07, 2021

Safety measures in coal mines

First, the main problem analysis on coal mine

The main problems existing in current coal mine safety production are as follows:

1. Analysis of accident categories According to news reports, there were 23 roof accidents in coal mine accidents in 3 years, and 24 people died, accounting for 92% and 77.4% of the total number of accidents in 3 years respectively. The gas accident was the official trench since 1994. A gas explosion occurred in the coal mine, and a major gas explosion occurred 10 years later. The roof accident was prominent and the gas accident occurred again, indicating that the coal mine safety production work focus was not caught, and measures to prevent roof accidents and gas accidents were not in place.

2. Analysis of the nature of the accident In the data, we can see that the accidents in 3 years and 23 accidents are all responsible accidents. The accidents are caused by the “three violations” of the enterprise personnel, indicating that the safety education of the employees in the coal mining industry lags behind and the safety quality Generally low, self-protection awareness is poor, and the consciousness of complying with safety production laws and regulations is not strong.

3. From the analysis of the causes of the accident, the main cause of the roof accident is objectively due to the poor basic conditions of the coal mine, the unreasonable layout of the well and the insufficient safety investment. Subjectively, it is caused by the fact that the workers are not in the work, or the support is not timely; some are caused by unreasonable measures and methods when dealing with dangerous rocks; some are caused by unqualified supporting materials. The main problem in the gas accident is that the inspectors are inadequately equipped, the responsibility is not strong, the inspection is not timely, there is no timely operation, and the underground electrical equipment has a detonation phenomenon; the coal mine dendritic mining has not been completely eliminated, and the ventilation is not very Good, gas is prone to sudden agglomeration, causing gas accidents. From the analysis point of view, the accident is ultimately due to the fact that the direct operator does not follow the safe production operation rules of the coal mine or the company has not formulated practical, detailed and scientific operating procedures, which causes the employees to follow the rules or follow the rules. The management personnel of the company are also seriously irresponsible, and the basic conditions are poor, resulting in frequent accidents.

4. From the time of the accident, 23 accidents occurred, only 3 occurred before 10:30 am (including 10:30), and 22 occurred after 10:30, that is, at the enterprise site management. A person must get off work, or has already left work, or the on-site management personnel have not followed the work to cause a safety production accident. It shows that the on-site management responsibility of the enterprise is not implemented, the supervision is not in place, and the workers take the opportunity to operate illegally. This is what most people have neglected before summarizing and analyzing the accident.

5. From the annual analysis of accidents in the past three years, the most accidents occurred in 2003, that is, when the coal mine industry has obvious benefits, grab production, and compete for interests, it is prone to safety accidents, indicating that the business owners still have emphasis on production and light safety. The old problem.

Second, for the problem analysis and production countermeasures

1. Further improve the understanding of coal mine safety production and firmly establish the idea of ​​safety first.

Coal mine safety production is related to the safety of people's lives and property, and to the overall situation of reform and development and social stability. Doing a good job in coal mine safety production, effectively safeguarding the lives and property of the people, embodies the fundamental interests of the broadest masses of the people, and reflects the development requirements of advanced productive forces and the direction of advanced culture. Doing a good job in safety production is an important part of building a well-off society in an all-round way and coordinating the overall development of the economy and society. It is an integral part of the implementation of the sustainable development strategy and the basic requirement for the government to perform its social management functions. All levels and departments must regard safety production as a long-term and arduous task. The alarm bells will be long-lasting, often unremitting, overcome the war of war, paralysis and luck, and fully implement the important thinking of the "Three Represents" and safeguard the lives and property of the people. The height of security, from the full implementation of the spirit of the 11th meeting of the party and the report of the government work, fully understand the importance and realistic urgency of strengthening the safety production of coal mines, mobilize the whole society, and work together to promote . In particular, all coal mining enterprises must firmly establish the idea of ​​safety first, starting from the aspects of investment in safety production, education and training, and on-site management, and strive to improve the safety management level and quality of employees, truly achieve production safety and reduce casualties. occur.

2. Resolutely implement the No. 5 Order of the State Administration of Work Safety and strive to improve the safety production level of coal mines.

The State Administration of Work Safety No. 5 made clear provisions on the basic conditions for coal mine safety production. Because most of the coal mines are extremely thin coal seams, the layout of the wells is mostly unreasonable. The transportation, mining and ventilation facilities are relatively backward. Although the production was stopped and rectified last year, the enterprises have not changed much. To this end, the county coal, safety supervision departments and coal-producing towns and towns to further strengthen coal mine safety supervision and management, and promote coal mining enterprises in accordance with the requirements of the State Administration of Work Safety No. 5, further increase investment, comprehensively improve the software and hardware facilities of enterprises, especially in the promotion Transportation, ventilation, drainage facilities, etc. should further increase investment. At the same time, we must resolutely overcome local protectionism and resolutely shut down those that do not meet the requirements, so as to strive to change the conditions for safe production of enterprises.

3. Pay close attention to safety training and strive to improve the safety awareness of business management personnel and employees.

At present, from the problems existing in coal mine safety production, the main performance is that the management personnel's safety knowledge is lacking, and there are many mistakes in the specific safety production management. It is impossible to make specific and scientific arrangements according to the actual situation of the coal mine. The employees' own quality is low, their self-protection awareness is poor, and the "three violations" phenomenon is serious. It is especially important to do safety training for managers and employees. First, the competent department and the comprehensive supervision and management department of production safety should strengthen the training of the main responsible persons of production and operation, safety management personnel and special operations personnel in accordance with the law, and strengthen the promotion of laws and regulations such as the "Safe Production Law" and coal mine safety production regulations. Education, so that the qualifications and actual management level are unified, and truly improve the management level of managers; second, they must strengthen the training and education of employees, especially in accordance with the actual conditions of their respective mines, according to the operating procedures, one by one training In place, the workers are truly familiar with the layout of the underground development, and can truly comply with the rules and regulations, and do not violate the regulations to ensure production safety. Thereby reducing the occurrence of casualties.

4. Strictly implement various systems to reduce the occurrence of casualties.

Safety production responsibility is more important than Taishan. To fully reduce the occurrence of casualties, it must be strictly managed. We must conscientiously sum up the successful experience in coal mine safety production in recent years, but also to see our weak links, especially in the implementation of the system, we must do a good job:

(1) We should further develop and improve the coal mining operation procedures for the actual implementation of coal mines, and effectively strengthen the responsibilities of relevant management personnel in accordance with the requirements of the regulations, and truly operate in accordance with the regulations.

(2) We must formulate and implement various rules and regulations in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and truly achieve “daily monitoring, weekly reporting, and monthly analysis”, that is, “daily monitoring”: every day on-site management personnel for each production link, each The production process must be monitored and managed in a timely manner to detect and correct various violations in a timely manner, while ensuring that workers do not go out of the well and management personnel do not leave work. Change the problem that the former manager only had a half-day shift or did not follow the shift. At the same time, we must have written records on the daily work situation and report on the mine leaders. “Weekly Report”: The deputy mine manager in charge of safety production shall timely sort out and summarize the work of each week and report it to the mine manager and relevant competent authorities and township people's governments. "Monthly analysis": It is the mine manager who will convene relevant personnel every month to conduct a serious analysis of the safety production situation of the month, put forward suggestions for rectification of existing problems, and arrange for next month's work to truly achieve safe production.

(3) Establish a strict safety inspection system and make every effort to rectify potential safety hazards. On the one hand, we must pay attention to safety production. We must not only strengthen the investment in hardware production for safe production, but also the daily safety production inspection, especially the ventilation and gas management of underground mining, blind lanes and waste roads. The management of dangerous roads in the support of the main road and the working face must be strictly checked for the signs of floods, and strict precautions should be taken to ensure production safety. On the other hand, relevant departments at all levels, especially those responsible for the coal bureau area and the coal-producing township people's government, should pay more attention to the daily safety inspection of coal mines, focus on checking whether the mining operation procedures are reasonable, whether the ventilation equipment is perfect, and the underground site management. Whether the personnel are in place, whether the special operations personnel are well-matched, whether the various rules and regulations are established and improved, whether the safety production plan is formulated, whether the underground mining layout is reasonable, the problems are corrected in time, and the plan for the special hidden dangers is formulated to ensure the responsibility Hidden dangers are rectified in a timely manner, thereby promoting the improvement of coal mine safety production levels.

5. Focus on the key points, solve the difficulties, and comprehensively prevent production safety accidents.

At present, the focus of casualty accidents on coal mine safety production is the roof and ventilation gas, but the difficulties in the work include the management of floods. Therefore, how to prevent the above three aspects of casualties is the top priority of our next step.

In the management of the roof, first, we must urge the enterprises to match the full-time top board administrators, clarify their specific job responsibilities, working hours, work scope, strengthen the patrol inspection in the segmentation, and find out the problems in time; second, the operators must According to the operating procedures, it is necessary to knock on the top, support in place, line up in rows, fill must be fully connected, eliminate the overhead work on the working surface, and take risks. When handling dangerous rock, technicians must direct on-site command. Scientific program measures can be carried out to prevent roof accidents. Third, mine managers in charge of technology in coal mines must conduct regular spot checks on the work of full-time roofers and workers' support, and timely solve various problems in roof work. The fourth problem is to gradually implement the support materials of “using steel to replace wood” to ensure that the support is in place.

In the management of ventilation gas, one must follow the 12-character policy of “first pumping, monitoring, monitoring, and wind production”, comprehensively formulate the company's gas management plan, and strictly operate according to the plan; second, all high gas mines Must be equipped with gas monitoring system, the scope, location and time of monitoring must be carried out according to the regulations, and special personnel are responsible; third is to strengthen the management of ventilation facilities, prohibiting the operation of windless and breezy underground, especially to carry out the ventilation management of steam head To prevent the sudden accumulation of gas; the fourth is to match the gas inspection personnel and the gas inspection equipment, and strictly strengthen the gas detection according to the regulations, and truly achieve "one class three inspections" and "one gun three inspections", resolutely eliminate gas accidents. The fifth is that it is necessary to strengthen the management of underground electrical equipment, and it is strictly forbidden to detonate the underground electrical appliances; the sixth is to follow the work of the gas inspectors in the strict underground drilling operations to prevent the occurrence of gas accidents during the excavation process.

In the management of floods, we must adhere to the principle of “doubt must be explored, first explore and then excavate”, and formulate flood control programs, especially those with water threats, must comprehensively cover the geological conditions of the goaf and aquifer. Understand the development of scientific water exploration measures and programs. The underground water exploration and discharge work must be carried out according to the plan, and it is clear that the person is responsible. In the flood period, it is necessary to strengthen the management of the up and down duty of the well to prevent the threat of flooding to the mine.

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