December 07, 2021

Hao Ningda confirmed to set up an intelligent water meter subsidiary

[China Instrument Network Instrument Company] In order to vigorously develop and expand the smart water meter market, Huizhou Hao Ningda Technology Co., Ltd. announced the establishment of its subsidiary Sichuan Hao Ningda Energy Technology Co., Ltd., with a planned registered capital of 10 million yuan.

Hao Ningda started its business with a smart meter, and in recent years, it has gradually involved in new energy, new materials, jewelry, asset management, and internet finance. In the middle of this year, the main business structure was changed. The company's Chinese securities abbreviation was changed from "Hunning" to "Hemei Group."

The establishment of a subsidiary company this time is the first time that Hao Ningda has been in the original business instrument field after changing its business. It can be said that Hao Ningda has not given up on the increasingly hot and smart water market.

According to the data, at present, Hao Ningda also has several smart meters such as “R&D for key technologies of wireless intelligent water meter systems and automated production lines”, “Development and manufacturing of smart grid energy metering automation systems”, and “Smart meter wireless communication technology engineering laboratory”. The project is underway and it belongs to the government subsidy program.

As one of the earliest professional manufacturers engaged in R&D and manufacturing of electronic energy metering instruments in China, we still hope to see that Haoning Danone has been active in the smart meter market. It is reported that after the establishment of Sichuan Haoningda, it will focus on the R&D and production of water meters and accessories, and further enhance the company's technical strength and development space.

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