September 19, 2021

Research and analysis on the ultra-high speed development of building materials lighting enterprises

The rapid development of enterprises is the dream of every business owner. How can we achieve rapid development? The success methods of each fast-growing enterprise are not the same. It seems that the rapid development of lighting enterprises seems to be an artistic problem, and whether there is science. The law of sex can be summed up for reference. The author takes the building materials lighting enterprise as the sample research object, and analyzes to find some rules.
What is the rapid development of enterprises? The author believes that the so-called speeding development means that the enterprise can satisfy the market demand to the maximum extent within a certain time and space, and realize the maximization of the utilization efficiency of enterprise resources. Based on the above definition, our research on the sample studies the ultra-high-speed development of the enterprise from two dimensions, time and space.
I. Macro Market Space Background In June 1998, the National Urban Housing System Reform and Housing Construction Work Conference was held. Subsequently, on July 3, the State Council issued the "Notice on Further Deepening the Reform of Urban Housing System and Accelerating Housing Construction." This No. 23 document, which was later regarded as the housing reform program, officially opened the housing system reform with the core of canceling welfare housing and realizing the monetization and privatization of residential houses. The welfare housing system that lasted for nearly half a century has come to an end, and marketization has become the subject of housing construction. At the same time, a series of housing financial services initiatives have allowed Chinese people to gain more space and freedom in housing. Since then, the curtain of China's rapid development of real estate has been opened up. The building materials industry closely related to real estate has also entered the era of rapid market expansion. During this period, all enterprises in the building materials industry were driven by this huge market. In the face of the same market opportunities, opportunities are fair and equal. Therefore, whether building materials enterprises can develop at a high speed can not deviate from the overall macro environment, which is based on the huge increase in market capacity. For the ultra-high-speed development of building materials enterprises in the macroscopic state where the market capacity is not increasing rapidly, this paper does not conduct in-depth research and discussion, and only studies the ultra-high-speed development of building materials enterprises with realistic market growth.
Second, the keyword of high-speed development is based on the sample of enterprises in the building materials industry. It is not difficult to find several large time interval features. Since the era of products in the period from 1990 to 2000, most of the brands in the building plastics, building electrical, sanitary and flooring industries in this time interval have been established in this time period. At this stage, many enterprises have rapidly developed products to the market, and adopted a new technology, the guidance of national industrial policies, and the guidance of market demand. They quickly developed products to the market, and filled the gaps, innovative products, and so on. In this era, building materials enterprises can grasp the links of product research and development, production and manufacturing. These two elements can enter the track of ultra-high-speed development if they are well controlled. As for marketing is relatively simple and does not require too much attention, starting in the early 90s in Guangdong Zhongshan Guzhen lighting market, Wenzhou's Oriental lighting market, Shandong Linyi market, etc. wholesale, multi-level logistics market It is the most obvious feature of marketing in that era.
Since the period of channel-king in the period of 2000-2008, after the baptism of product competition in this time interval, building materials enterprises can enter the track of ultra-high-speed development by grasping the two elements of advertising and channels. Advertising warfare and terminal battles have become the main theme. A large number of building materials companies have invested a lot of manpower, financial resources and material resources in brand packaging, advertising communication and channel construction. Through brand packaging planning, advertising bombing, and ground channel construction, the acceleration of personnel promotion has made many ultra-high-speed development enterprises. The focus of the development of ultra-high-speed enterprises in this era is that the balance of the three elements of the product construction speed of the mainstream brand communication is maximized. Therefore, the professional building materials market in various provinces and cities across the country has mushroomed, and the international and domestic building materials chain giants have also expanded.
Since the era of channel diversion in 2008-present, the same price has allowed consumers to vote with their feet, bringing e-commerce that greatly reduces transaction costs to flourish, diversifying online and offline business channels, traditional The theory of advertising position and the theory of terminal is greatly affected. The large building materials market is also facing a new round of impact. The difference in transaction costs between regions and the concealment of channels and goods are different and fissile to the original channels. The trading volume of traditional channels of building materials is being eroded and even annexed by the mode of warehousing express logistics in a corner.
In summary: How do today's building materials companies develop at a high speed? From the analysis of the above space and time, how can today's building materials enterprises enter the track of ultra-high-speed development under the macro environment of stable growth of market capacity? Chen Wenwen believes that: 1. Proactively see the key words of competition; 2. Top-level design business model; 3. Systematic marketing and synergy; 4. Good at online and offline operations; these four elements are Whether the building materials enterprises can achieve the key points of ultra-high-speed development, the planning and design of these four elements will soon have the basis for entering the ultra-high-speed development of enterprises. Of course, if the four elements of the same-stage competitors are grasped at the same time, the final competition will end. Weapons are the martial arts of speed, but they are not broken.

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