September 19, 2021

Automation industry needs to seize the opportunity of development of CNC machine tools

Automation industry needs to seize the opportunity of development of CNC machine tools At present, infrastructure industries such as rail transit and electricity, which are encouraged and supported, are becoming hot spots. The machine tool industry is undoubtedly the beneficiaries of these infrastructure industries. If we can wait for opportunity to seek steady development in this area, it is equivalent to seizing the opportunity to hide in the crisis.

This is not only true for international companies that already have an advantage in automation, but also for domestic automation companies with potential for development. The field of CNC systems is well represented in this area. Experts pointed out that although domestic companies have not been dominant in the field of numerical control systems, the market share of domestic CNC systems has steadily increased over the past two years.

According to the person in charge of the CNC system branch of the China Machine Tool Association, there are currently 30 to 40 major manufacturers of CNC systems in China, forming a scale that cannot be stigmatized, and there has been significant progress in the development and improvement of products.

In order to adapt to the matching requirements of the CNC system, this weaker domestic brand has been made up. A group of companies have also developed AC servo drive systems and AC spindle servo control systems one after another, and formed serialized products and batch production capacity. Moreover, relative to some international manufacturers, many of the domestic CNC systems can be open to domestic production companies for secondary development, which is also available for competition.

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