September 19, 2021

Shan Mei Zhang Yuankai: The Response of Cement Enterprises to the Aggregate Extension Trend

Shan Mei Zhang Yuankai: The Response of Cement Enterprises to the Aggregate Extension Trend Shanghai Shanmei Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. launched a crawler counterattack mobile crushing plant and two hydraulic cone crushers. Compared with the traditional crusher, the exhibited crusher performance is much higher and belongs to the high performance crusher. The output is higher, and the output of Shanmei, a high-performance hydraulic crusher, is 30%-50% higher than that of the cone-crusher; the energy consumption is lower, and the energy consumption is reduced by more than 30% under the same output. Zhang Yuankai, deputy general manager of Shanghai Shanmei, said in an interview with the China Cement Network reporter that he hopes to demonstrate the energy-saving and environmentally-friendly concepts of Yamabe's high-performance equipment and equipment technologies in various ways through this exhibition.

In recent years, as the country's environmental protection requirements are getting higher and higher, Sanmei will also consider environmental protection requirements when providing equipment to customers. For example, for the dust problem, Shanmei provides customers with a solution: through the attached dust collector to solve the problem of dust pollution in the production process of the production line. In addition, in many cases, Shanmei can also design a workshop-style closed production system for customers to solve dust problems.

Shanghai Shanmei has always paid attention to the humanized needs of the product, allowing customers to be very convenient in terms of equipment maintenance, maintenance, replacement of wearing parts and so on. In order to provide better services to customers, Shanmei does not simply provide equipment for customers, but also provides corresponding solutions according to customer needs. Under this circumstance, by working closely with customers, Yamami's products are applied to solutions that meet customer needs.

In recent years, more and more companies in the cement industry have begun to actively extend the industrial chain to the aggregate industry. Zhang Yuankai believes that cement plants have their own mines, which is a positive measure for cement companies to cope with the economic crisis. Because cement plants have their own mines, cement companies have a natural advantage in the development of sand aggregates. At the same time, he suggested that cement companies are very good at crushing raw materials, but they are not necessarily aware of aggregate processing. There are many differences between aggregate processing and raw material crushing, because some product quality requirements for aggregates are not the same as raw material crushing, so cement companies should pay attention to the crushing and processing links when they enter the aggregate industry.

Taking into account that the current expansion of cement companies into aggregates has become a major trend, Shanmei is also actively exploring this market. At present, there are already a number of complete sets of equipment that have been well used in cement and aggregate fields at home and abroad. In particular, in relation to a full range of crushing and screening equipment and mobile crushing plants, it has cooperated with the German company Hazma, founded by Dr. Andrew, who is the inventor of the crusher crusher, and quoted the production standards of Hauzmark in Germany to apply its advanced production management. Concept and leading manufacturing technology, product quality is leading in terms of reliability, large-scale, use efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

Zhang Yuankai said that next, Shanmei will actively face the trend of the cement industry to extend to aggregates and make preparations for large-scale products. At the same time, with the increasing demand for mobile products in the aggregate processing industry, mobile products are also Shanmei's superior products. Shanmei will further promote the development of this type of products in technology and market.

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