April 14, 2021

Dg-918-33 Automatic Scrap Cable Tool Machinery

  • Model NO.: DG-918-33
  • Certification: ISO, CE
  • Automatic Grade: Automatic
  • Peeling Speed: 100m/Min
  • Transport Package: Polywood
  • Origin: China
  • Driven Type: Electric
  • Warranty: 12 Months
  • Applicable Range: 2~90mm Cable
  • Trademark: DINGGONG
  • Specification: 300kg
  • HS Code: 8479819000
DG-918-33 Scrap Cable Stripping Machine


1.High precision
2.High productivity
3.Easy to operate
4.Intelligent control system

Technical Data:
Product Name DG-918-33 Scrap Cable Stripping Machine
Brand Name Dinggong
Model DG-918-33
Voltage 220V(380V optional)
Applicable Range 2~90mm cable
Peeling Speed 100m/min
Delivery Time Within 7 working days after deposit
Warranty Warranty for one year with lifetime maintain service

Dg-918-33 Automatic Scrap Cable Tool Machinery

Company Profile:
    Shenzhen Dinggong Automatic Equipment Co.Ltd is one of the leaders of wire harness processing industry, its productivity and technology lever is higher in this business filed, we do a great contribution to Chinese manufacturing industry. Dinggong is mainly professional in producing and selling automatic equipment for producing of electronic material, new energy, textile industry, plastic industry. Our products are automatic cable cutting machines, cable stripping machines, terminal machines, big cross-cutting machines and other domestic or export automatic machines.
     Dinggong brand believes QAULITY FIRST take CUSTOMER SATISFATORY as first target, we regard TRUST as our business faith, we built up our own company culture to make us a good team. There are many professional experts with rich experience so that we can be the top of wire harness processing industry, we also try to learn advanced management method and import most advanced equipment to keep good quality of our machines, to get our company improved much faster than others.
    We will work harder with believe of service innovation and endless science to supply better automatic wire harness processing equipment, much economic solution and professional service, we do believe that we will become the leader of automatic equipment business field and supply best service for you!

Q1: Is Shenzhen Dinggong Automatic Equipment Co.,Ltd a factory or trade company?
A1: We are manufacturer of different kinds of wire processing automatic equipment, and enjoy a great reputation in domestic and oversea market
Q2: Is ODM service available in Shenzhen Dinggong Automatic Equipment Co.,Ltd?
A2: Yes, of course, we have 11 technical stuff with rich experince in this field, just tell us what you need.
Q3: Are your machines of good quality ? How to prove?
A3: Good question, actually quality is life of all manufactures, we have CE & ISO-9001 certificates and welcome to visit our factory
Q4: I am not sure my products is workable with your machines, and i do not want to visit your factory now, what should i do ?
A4: Well, it is quite simple, just send me your products by express and tell us what kind of result you need, after we test your samples with our machines, we will take pictures of result or send it back to you for your confirmation.
Q5: What kind of after sell service you can supply?
A5: One year warranty and life time maintain service.Normally, our machines are seldom with quality problems, but if you have some problems after use for long time, first send us pictures and videos, we have professional after sell service stuff to give you solutions.
Q6: Your product is good in our market, can we be your agent in our city?
A6: Well, we will see what kind of qualification you have, like sales channels, advertisement in market, and more details, and of course we give agent very competitive price and sales rebate.


For keeping the food safety, there is a very strick hygiene standard for poultry processing plant , especially the employee's personal health management, and hygiene control. 

First: Have to establish employee's personal health records for HR department. 

Second: personal hygiene control
1, according to the training plan for employees of personal hygiene and food safety education and training, new factory staff should focus on systematic training, the assessment of qualified, can mount guard. Training and assessment results should be recorded.
2, employees should develop good personal hygiene habits, do wash hands frequently, and frequently cut nails, take a bath, change clothes frequently, often barber, do not spit everywhere, litter.
3, staff work, unified the trousers, it is forbidden to wear slippers, sandals and other types of open toe shoes; prohibit lipstick, makeup, perfume, nail polish, wearing any jewelry, watches etc.;
4. Smoking, eating, playing, running or chasing slapstick are forbidden in the production area.
5, Staff enter the workshop may not bring anything which nothing to do with the production of goods, first changing shoes, changing overalls, wearing a work cap, work clothes, hats should be dressed neatly, hair must not be exposed outside the coat.
6, Staff hand should be kept clean, and before entering the processing site, after the toilet or hand pollution,washing hand immediately.

6.1 Hand washing disinfection procedures:
A: rinse, rinse with water to scrub, washing hand with liquid disinfectant soak for 20 seconds, rinse and drying
B: rinse, liquid soap scrub, rinse, spray drying, 75% alcohol scrub disinfection

Note: short sleeved overalls should be washed to the elbow

6.2 Employee hands should be kept clean and must be cleaned and disinfected during the production process:
A: after going to the bathroom;
B; after disposing of waste;
C: return to work prior to leaving the work area or having nothing to do with production;
D: before touching the product;
E: after touching other parts of the body that are not clean or unclean;
F: enter workshop and work continuously for 2 hours before start;
G: employees who have direct contact with food must wash hands and disinfect every 1 hours.
7, before entering the workshop, the bottom of shoes and shoes should be soaked and disinfected in the shoes disinfectant pad before entering the workshop.
8, The supervisor inspect labors in the process :   hat, masks, shoe wearing, wearing is according to the specification, the hair is exposed; whether the hand hygiene compliance, the nail should not exceed 0.5mm long; if anyone injured posts are sick posts and so on.
9, the production process of contact with the finished products must wear disposable gloves, gloves should be intact, no damage, impermeable, after hand contaminated, must wash hands disinfection procedures according to the above-mentioned re wash hands. In the work process, packaging personnel must be every 2 hours with 75% alcohol disinfection products and processing the opponent; personnel due to operational reasons, contact exposed of the finished product, every 1 hours with 75% alcohol disinfector.
10, During the production period is not allowed to answer the phone (supervisor, foreman, except) where there is a special need to consult their superiors, call replying have to be outside of production area, after reply the call, the first thing is wash hand before back to work. 
Personal clothing and goods

11 Staff changed clothes is  leave in locker room, not allow enter the  the processing room without working clothes; or not allowed wear working clothes go outside,  pocket and other personal items are stored in locaker room.
12, Wash and disinfect  hands after going to the bathroom, with working clothes, hats, shoes is not allowed goes into bathroom, all must change before and after.

13, non production personnel (ie inspection, management personnel, etc.) and all other people non equivalent to the production is not allowed goes into the workshop

Employee health requirements
1, employees should participate in the annual health examination, inspection qualified to post. Prohibited examination without appointment. Persons suffering from dysentery, typhoid, hepatitis and other infectious diseases of the digestive tract (including pathogen carriers), active tuberculosis, suppurative or exudative skin disease and other disease incompatible with food hygiene, found an immediate dismissal or discouraging.
2, people suffering from respiratory diseases (such as colds, cough), minor can wear masks, but not in direct contact with food; in severe cases, the supervisor or leader to arrange the rest, heal before returning to work.
3, If staff hand's wound , only after dressing wearing disposable gloves can be arranged in direct contact with food; if the wound is deep, the supervisor or leader have to arrange him rest, and heal before returning to work.

Hygiene Equipment

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