March 04, 2021

Scientists Develop Optical Emitters to Increase Lidar Work Accuracy by 10 Times

[China Instrument Network Instrument Development] The St. Petersburg State Technical University’s Department of Physics, Nanotechnology and Electronics, together with the Moscow National Institute of Electronic Technology, scientists have jointly developed an optical radiator that can improve the accuracy of the laser radar by 10 times. This speed increase can be used to scan shorter optical pulses in modern radiators.

The shorter the duration of the scanning pulse of the optical radar and the greater the power, the higher the radar operating range and accuracy. Only when the working precision of the laser radiator is improved, can the radar performance be improved. “We have reduced the pulse duration while maintaining the pulse power, greatly improving the radar's range and accuracy. This requires the development of a new component matrix and the use of a completely new structure of electronic equipment”, St. Petersburg State Technical University Physical Electronics The head of the department, Alexei Filimonov, pointed out. The new optical radiator is a chip with a matching head size that can be applied to standard LED housings or lasers. It is 5 times shorter than the pulse duration of similar devices currently used. The chip itself can be produced entirely in Russia using the original method of lamellar metal-insulator structure technology and electronic component configuration.
Scientists presented their findings at the 16th International Conference on Internet of Things, Smart Space, and Next Generation Networks and Systems (NEW2AN 2016) held in September 2016. The IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices conducted the basic principles of the device. Reported. Now, scientists are looking for partners in the domestic business and scientific communities to make laboratory prototypes into industrial designs. Scientists said that this research and development can be widely used in automobiles, aircraft construction, shipbuilding, optical detection and various surrounding environment automatic identification systems (computer vision systems). Therefore, optical radar can also be referred to as laser radar. It is one of the main components of electronic devices for unmanned vehicles. Any improvement in performance and cost reduction may bring about significant progress in the autonomous vehicle field.
(Original title: Optical irradiators can improve laser radar accuracy by 10 times)

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