December 03, 2020

my country's 2.5-5um band infrared sky light background measuring instrument was successfully developed

[ Instrument network instrument research and development ] Recently, the editor learned that after two years of research by Wang Jian's research group in the Department of Modern Physics, University of Science and Technology of China, the research team of Wang Jian, according to the InSb detector, was 2.5- With high response performance on the 5um band, the infrared sky background measuring instrument for continuous scanning and observation on this band is completed by using the linear variable filter feature of linear change in this band. It has overcome the key technologies of infrared observation weak signal detection, high-gain sensitive amplification, dark current and background noise suppression, high-vacuum and low-temperature packaging, and high-precision digital phase-locked amplification. The relevant results have been published in the well-known journal "JATIS" in this field.
In order to ensure that after the successful construction of these large-scale equipment, the development of infrared observation instruments and the observation and research of infrared astronomy can be carried out smoothly and efficiently, it is necessary to measure the infrared sky background of the relevant candidate sites. 2.5-5um is the beginning of the thermal infrared band, which is the area where the L and M bands are important windows for ground observation. The research team successfully extracted the signal submerged in noise by using phase-locked amplification technology; in order to reduce the influence of the dark current of the detector, The detector is cooled to below -150°C; in order to overcome the background thermal noise caused by the instrument, a low-temperature chopper and optical design are carried out. In order to overcome the absorption effect of the ground atmosphere, ground-based infrared telescopes can only observe from several atmospheric windows.
In addition, infrared observation is an important means of astronomical research. For a long time, the development of infrared astronomy research in my country has been limited by the lack of good sites and detectors. Domestic infrared detector technology started late and the development is relatively lagging, coupled with foreign commercial restrictions on infrared equipment in China, making my country's infrared astronomy development seriously lagging behind.

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