December 03, 2020

Beijing Ximoruo Visitor Entrance Integrated Management System Solution

With the large-scale development of commercial buildings, numerous commercial buildings, units and agencies accommodate a large number of internal property management employees, merchants, leased and sold property owners and employees, business visitors, etc., so that personnel entrance and exit control management has a high management dimension and management objects. Complexity, many potential safety hazards, heavy workload of management personnel, and high technical quality requirements. The use of simple manual access control management or independent semi-automatic management is far from being able to meet the needs of comprehensive management.
Traditional visitors and internal personnel entrance and exit control management have the following technical deficiencies:
Manual registration is adopted, and the work efficiency is low;
Manual registration is prone to information errors, leading to security risks;
It is impossible to intelligently identify and distinguish between people and to keep complete information for comparison;
The traditional number query method is used for the visitor approval, which is prone to misinformation transmission;
It is impossible to intelligently identify and judge the stay of visitors.
1. Overview Face recognition technology, as one of the current biometric technologies, greatly improves the accuracy of face recognition through its own deep learning technology.
This solution uses face recognition technology to perform face verification in a dynamic, non-cooperative manner, which is more convenient than traditional card access control; due to the facial features, it also solves the problems of people forgetting their IDs and fraudulent use of other people's IDs.
This technical solution is based on the use of advanced platform technology, based on face recognition algorithms and local computing processing, through the non-sense way of face recognition to achieve complete visitor reservation, visitor certificate verification, visit review, pass identification, permission recovery, Record keeping and other functions, and at the same time ensure the rapid passage of internal employees. The main technical features and advantages are reflected in:
Face recognition combined with speed gates and other equipment to improve the efficiency of intelligent recognition and traffic;
The self-service visitor management terminal is adopted to realize the self-service visitor face input, which has the characteristics of simple operation and rapid response;
The self-service visitor management terminal can realize image capture and identification of visitors, and open the interface to compare with the blacklist or the database of chasing people to prevent illegal access by visitors;
The system supports extended access to the official account platform, which can realize appointments and audits, simplify the waiting time of visitors in line, and improve satisfaction;
Provide complete and accurate information storage to meet the needs of information inquiry and management;
The plan follows the principles of economy and ease, and the equipment can be quickly deployed and implemented;
Two, specific solutions

1. System structure and composition The topology diagram of the visitor + entrance and exit control management system based on face recognition technology is as follows: Entry and exit management system
Back-end data services: including data database servers and software, as well as network and cloud services connected to the management platform.
On-site management equipment: face recognition self-service visitor management terminal, face-swiping smart channel gate, face recognition artificial visitor management terminal (optional), and local area network.
Smart phone client: The user installs the software on his/her own smart phone, and pays attention to the official account of this project.
2. System workflow Visitor reservation process The system can use face swiping or swiping card to pass through the door and access control system at an excessive speed for internal staff. At the same time, the detailed information of personnel entry and exit records can be saved to ensure the safety of the project.
Visitors can make self-service appointment registration through the official account of the project concerned, or make self-service appointment through the self-service visitor terminal in the office lobby; visit information is submitted for automatic review.
Interviewees can conduct visit review through the computer terminal or directly through the official account.
Visitors can use personal identification to verify their identity at the self-service visitor terminal and simultaneously enter their faces.
Interviewees can use face gates, access control, etc., without having to carry any items.
The visitor's visit information can be automatically pushed to inform the interviewee of preparations for reception.
Visitors do not need to fill in the form, they can quickly use their face to pass, and cannot be imitated. At the end of the visit, the visitors can leave by themselves through access control and gates. The system automatically cancels face permissions;
The system monitors the passage of visitors in real time, and gives an alarm for abnormal passage conditions.
3. The outstanding technical advantages of the system. No sensory face recognition technology, no fear of losing your pass, no need to install APP, simple operation and quick one step, compatible with self-service terminal self-service appointment, humanized interface, "0 experience" operation notification or SMS notification. Visitors can keep abreast of visitors’ dynamic self-entry of visit applications, verification visits, access control, gates, unimpeded automatic information prompts, real-time tracking, abnormal alarm VIP welcome system, portrait review supports open interfaces, blacklists and follow-ups with relevant departments Network query of escaped personnel and other databases

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