January 21, 2021

What is a microclimate observer?

The microclimate is different from the macroclimate. Generally speaking, the weather forecast we see on TV mainly predicts the macroclimate environment. In agricultural production, it is often the microclimate that directly affects the growth of crops. Therefore, in agricultural meteorological observations , The main monitoring is the agricultural microclimate. In recent years, the main way to observe agricultural microclimate is to use a microclimate observation instrument , which can automatically monitor and record various microclimates in farmland, which is convenient for technicians to conduct online analysis and guide production. Let’s briefly introduce what is a microclimate observer?

Microclimate Observer

Microclimate observer refers to a small agro-meteorological system installed in crop observation areas to monitor various agricultural small environmental parameters such as wind direction, wind speed, precipitation, temperature, humidity, ground temperature and soil humidity, and is mainly used for agricultural services. The microclimate observer adopts advanced microcomputer technology, sensor technology, and automatic control technology. It uses the GPRS or 4G network with wide coverage to transmit data, and the collected meteorological data information can be obtained by using computers, mobile phones, etc., so as to achieve remote wireless anytime, anywhere Agricultural climate monitoring. The application of this system can better solve the problems of wide distribution of agricultural, forestry and farmland, many monitoring points, difficulties in wiring and power supply, and many monitoring parameter requirements, and provide an intelligent solution for the observation of agricultural microclimate.

Traditional agricultural production relies on experience to formulate production management measures, which requires very high experience of planters, and there is still great uncertainty, while modern scientific and technological agriculture advocates the use of scientific data for production management. Among them, the use of microclimate observers to conduct meteorological observations and obtain timely and effective farmland microclimate data is a representative application case of meteorological data serving agriculture. The microclimate observation instrument can accurately grasp the growth conditions of crops, and conduct targeted and reasonable production operations, which not only has less risk, but also has better effects, which creates conditions for achieving agricultural production increments.

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