May 16, 2021

Chenzhou Guiyang Tobacco Leaf "Green Baking" Achieves Win-Win Economic and Environmental Benefits

"We have been baking with biomass for three years. The tobacco leaves are well-proportioned and bright. Unlike the previous coal-fired baking, it is easy to hang ash, and as long as the automatic control instrument is set up and the fuel is filled, you can rest at home with peace of mind. Save effort.” Hou Hailin, a tobacco farmer in Baiyun Village, Renyi Town, Guiyang County, Chenzhou City, looked at a fire of golden tobacco leaves that he had just baked, and was full of praise when he talked about the biomass pellet baking barn.

Since 2018, Guiyang County Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (branch company) has subsidized tobacco farmers to purchase biomass pellet burners to replace the original coal-fired curing barns. After several years of use and promotion, it has been recognized by more and more tobacco farmers. Compared with the coal-fired curing barn, the biomass pellet barn only needs to add fuel twice a day, and the feeding is simple; the automatic control system automatically ignites quickly, and the labor cost per acre of tobacco leaf baking can be reduced by one man-hour; the dry and wet bulb temperature is easy to control, and the temperature rise is accurate It is stable and does not lose temperature. The quality of the cured tobacco leaves is good. The proportion of first-class tobacco is increased. The effect of reducing labor, cost, quality and efficiency is obvious, which has won economic benefits for tobacco farmers. Biomass pellet fuel is stored clean and hygienic. The complete combustion of the fuel produces only a small amount of ash. It can greatly reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides during baking, which is beneficial to environmental improvement.

Up to now, Guiyang County has subsidized the purchase of 247 sets of biomass pellet burners, and the tobacco industry has subsidized about 1.9 million yuan.

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