January 21, 2021

Why buy a compressed garbage truck and the benefits of using a compressed garbage truck

The types of garbage trucks are divided into: compression garbage trucks, dump trucks, swing arm garbage trucks, pull arm garbage trucks, hook arm garbage trucks (cart removable garbage trucks) sealed garbage trucks, hanging buckets Garbage truck (self-loading garbage truck). Mainly includes: Dongfeng, Changan, Futian, JAC, Isuzu series; products are divided into: Dongfeng Xiaobawang garbage truck, Dongfeng Dorica garbage truck, Dongfeng light truck garbage truck, Dongfeng pointed garbage truck, Dongfeng 145 garbage truck, Dongfeng 153 garbage truck , Changan garbage truck, Futian garbage truck, JAC garbage truck, Isuzu garbage truck and so on. Garbage trucks are usually mainly used in municipal sanitation, large-scale factories and mines, used to transport various kinds of garbage, suitable for transporting domestic garbage in the community, and can compress and crush the loaded garbage to increase its density and shrink its volume, greatly improving Efficiency of garbage collection and transportation. The new garbage truck has the characteristics of reliable quality, low failure rate, easy maintenance, and low operating cost.

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By brand

Dongfeng series garbage truck, Jiefang series garbage truck, Beiqi Foton series garbage truck, Jiangling series garbage truck, JAC garbage truck and so on.

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By model

Mini garbage truck, small garbage truck, medium-sized garbage truck, heavy garbage truck, single-bridge garbage truck, double-bridge garbage truck, flat-head garbage truck, pointed garbage truck, etc.

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By variety

Light truck, Xiaobawang garbage truck, Dolica garbage truck, Sanping diesel garbage truck, 145 garbage truck, 153 garbage truck, 1208 garbage truck, Changan mini garbage truck, etc.

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By usage

Self-unloading garbage truck, swing arm type (ground and ground dual-purpose type) garbage truck, sealed garbage truck (sealed cover type, front sliding cover type, hydraulic clamshell garbage truck), bucket type garbage truck, pull arm type Garbage truck (hook-arm garbage truck, unloadable garbage truck), compression garbage truck (side-mounted, rear-loading compression garbage truck), kitchen garbage truck (swill truck), etc.

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By chassis

The garbage truck can use Dongfeng chassis, Jiefang chassis, Foton chassis, Sinotruk chassis, Changan chassis, JAC chassis.

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According to emission standards

Garbage trucks include Country V, Country IV, Country III, and Country II

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The main purpose

Garbage truck function introduction: The garbage hopper can be hung up and down, and the swing arm has a working cycle time of 60S. The feature of this truck is that the garbage hopper is separated from the car body. It can realize the combined use of one truck and multiple garbage hoppers, and the circulation transportation has fully improved The transportation capacity of vehicles is particularly suitable for short-distance transportation, such as the cleaning and transportation of urban wastes by the sanitation department.

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Detailed introduction of garbage truck compression garbage truck

Compressed garbage truck: Adopt electromechanical-hydraulic integration technology, adopt mechanical, electrical and hydraulic combined automatic control system, and realize garbage loading, crushing or squashing, strong filling through special equipment such as carriage, loader, push shovel, etc. Finally, the garbage is compacted into the carriage and transported to the destination for automatic pushing and unloading. Its outstanding features: the garbage collection method is simple, efficient, with repeated compression and peristaltic compression and other functions, high compression ratio, large loading quality, automatic operation, good power and environmental protection, and high vehicle utilization efficiency.

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Brief introduction of compression garbage truck: The compression garbage truck mainly uses special equipment such as garbage compartment, filler, push shovel, hydraulic system, etc. to realize the pouring, crushing or flattening of garbage. The collection is convenient, efficient, and can automatically compress garbage repeatedly, and has the characteristics of peristaltic compression function, high compression ratio, large loading capacity, automatic operation, and good sealing.

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The compression garbage truck is fully sealed. The sewage in the compression process directly enters the sewage tank to completely solve the secondary pollution in the garbage transportation process. The key components are imported components.

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Lifting rack with hanging bucket can be used with iron buckets or plastic hanging buckets that are universally used nationwide for strong filling, pushing the garbage into the carriage and compacting and pushing and unloading.

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