June 02, 2020

Pesticide residue detector installs a "safety lock" for consumers' diet health

Food safety has always been a topic of common concern, and food safety accidents that have been repeatedly exposed in recent years also remind us of the need to pay attention to this aspect. Take pesticide residues in agricultural products as an example. Fruits and vegetables are commonly eaten on people's tables throughout the year, and it is often said that insect-eye fruits and vegetables are healthier than insect-free eyes, and that insect-free eyes may indicate that there is no pesticide or pesticide residue. Obviously, such a statement is very unscientific. To know whether there are pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables and whether they are safe to eat, you must rely on pesticide residue detectors for accurate and efficient detection.

First of all, we must know that pesticide residues refer to the residues of pesticides and trace pesticides in agricultural products and food environment, their toxic metabolites and impurities. The majority of pesticide residues are caused by diseases, insect pests and weeds in the agricultural production process. Traditional agricultural cultivation is highly dependent on pesticides. Basically, pesticides are used for prevention and treatment. Although this treatment method can be used in Achieving the goal of harm control in a short time, and once farmers are too blind to use or abuse drugs, a large amount of pesticides will be left in agricultural products such as fruits and vegetables, which will affect the diet safety of consumers.

Pesticide residue detector

So why do you need a pesticide residue detector for the detection of pesticide residues in agricultural products?

Of course, there have been many methods to determine pesticide residues in the past, but most of them are carried out by manual tests. When it comes to manual sampling tests, it is not difficult to imagine the many disadvantages of traditional methods, such as low efficiency, low accuracy, and poor timeliness. The impact of these disadvantages on the entire agricultural consumer group is also very obvious. Due to the low efficiency of the traditional method, it is difficult to get results immediately after the inspection, so that many consumers are severely enthusiastic about the inspection. At the same time, more and more lucky merchants are also eager to move. They seized that the relevant units could not achieve the normal detection and began to put the fruits and vegetables on the shelves. In the long run, "talking about medicine changes" has become a true portrayal of the agricultural product consumer market.

The use of pesticide residue detectors is completely different. This instrument can focus on the rapid detection of pesticide residues such as organophosphorus and urethanes. The principle of enzyme inhibition method is quite professional. It can be said that both efficiency and accuracy are combined. The entire pesticide residue detection process is well controlled, completely avoiding the low efficiency, low accuracy and timeliness brought by traditional manual laboratory testing. Therefore, after applying pesticide residue detectors in relevant units, not only consumers' enthusiasm for inspection has been greatly improved, but also after the normalization of the market has been implemented, it has also played a role in resolving the market ’s agricultural chaos. Consumers have a safety lock on their diet.

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