June 02, 2020

ITECH drone test solution, UP your battery life limit!

In recent days, drones have been used in streets, communities, townships, and rural areas in many cities across the country to carry out epidemic prevention work, making drones play an irreplaceable role in this epidemic, focusing on community air command and air inspections. , Short-distance material delivery, small-scale killing spraying, zero-contact temperature measurement of crowds, night rescue project lighting, etc., because drones can reduce personnel contact and avoid cross-infection, and drones are portable, flexible, separated from humans, safe and efficient A series of advantages and other features have been used in various levels of public service in multi-level innovative applications. They have begun to replace human resources in the front line of the epidemic, and have achieved brilliant results in the anti- epidemic work.

So what solutions can ITECH products provide for performance testing of drones? In combination with a series of test cases conducted by a leading drone company using ITECH products, we can focus on the following points.

Test item 1: battery performance test (charge / discharge test), battery simulation, battery protection board test

As the power source of the drone-the battery, its performance directly determines the range and quality of the drone . Under the premise of ensuring safe use , the service life in different environments and the attenuation after repeated charge and discharge cycles Testing of battery performance is critical.

We can do it for the drone battery test:

1 ) Multiple charge and discharge modes and cut-off conditions

2) Data statistical analysis function, to help users quickly analyze large quantities of aging data

3) Judgment of battery balance (unbalanced battery will affect flight stability)

4) Verify the performance of the battery at different temperatures

5) Support CSV file import UAV operating characteristic curve

6) Perfect protection function can prevent the battery from being overcharged and over discharged

Recommended solution:

1) Battery performance test: A suitable power supply, load, and battery test system can be recommended according to the battery specifications

2) Battery simulation test: According to the battery specifications, IT6000C / IT-M3600 can be recommended with battery simulation software to implement battery model import and recall, high-speed simulation, data analysis, adjustable internal resistance, and multi-channel test

3) Battery protection board test: power and load products can be recommended according to specifications

Test item 2: Motor ESC test

The test of the motor is also very important. By changing the speed of the motor to change the flying state of the drone, that is, changing the speed of each motor, so that the drone can circle the air, rise or fall, or move in all directions.

For this test, ITECH 's bidirectional power supply IT6000C is recommended , which not only meets the power supply requirements of the motor startup, but also uses the product's CC / CV loop speed adjustable feature to smoothly pass the moment of the surge current at the motor startup instant. It can absorb the back electromotive force generated during the operation of the motor to ensure that the power supply is not damaged.

The unmanned electromechanical adjustment function is to convert the control signal of the flight control board into a current to control and change the speed of the motor. Customers can also use IT6000D to test ESC performance.

Test item three: UAV solar cell system test

Compared with ordinary drones, solar drones have larger payloads, fly higher, have longer battery life, and have greater stability and resistance. These attributes make them ideal military tools. The test requirements are mainly focused on the power supply test of the circuit board, and a suitable power supply can be recommended according to the requirements specifications

SAS1000L + IT6500C photovoltaic simulation system can help users complete functions:

1) Allow users to edit the temperature / illumination curve over time

2) Allows to modify the illumination and temperature parameters online

3) Simulation of solar panels of different materials

2) Simulate IV curves in different flight attitudes and support continuous switching between curves (program mode)

3) You can simulate the IV curve in the cloud cover mode and set the cloud thickness / area / moving direction

Test item four: Unmanned airship fan test

The role of the fan on the unmanned airship is to inflate the airbag of the airship to achieve flight. The user uses the IT6000D series power supply to power multiple fans on the unmanned airship. The power output is connected to the DCDC motor driver, and the driver is connected to the fan to complete the functional test.

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