December 07, 2021

New energy electric vehicle wireless charging technology has made significant progress

The ORNL research team has made significant strides in the wireless charging technology for electric vehicles. A 20-kilowatt wireless charging system with 90% charging efficiency and three times the charging speed of the commonly used plug-in electric vehicle equipment will help accelerate the promotion of electric vehicles. According to the April 5 news, according to the Physicist's Organization Network recently reported, Madhu Chen Zawali, director of Oak Ridge National Laboratory Power Electronics Team, said: "In the past few years, we have made tremendous progress from the proof of concept laboratory to the present The technology is being combined with physical engineering, design, and scale into a number of Toyota vehicles to prepare the technology for closer market needs. " The 20-kilowatt wireless charging system developed for the car developed by the team in just three years has a unique structure that includes the coupling of inverter power, isolation transformers and vehicle electronics. In the demonstration, the researchers charged a separate converter system with a Toyota RAV4 electric car equipped with a 10 kWh battery. As higher power levels are essential for larger vehicles such as trucks and buses, researchers are setting the goal of a 50-kilowatt wireless charging system that will work with a commercially available plug-in fast charger The power levels match to provide the same charging speed, or to increase consumer acceptance of EVs. Industry partners promoting this technology are Toyota, Cisco, Evatran and Clemson International Automotive Research Center. The US Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Automotive Technologies provided a partial funding for this competitive project in support of the Department of Energy's "Big Challenge Plan for EVs everywhere." Its purpose is to make electric vehicles an affordable, more convenient and cleaner means of transport for consumers by 2022. David Smith, project manager for vehicle systems, said: "Compared to plug-in charging, wireless power transfer is a classic paradigm shift in electric vehicle charging, providing consumers with an autonomous, safe, efficient and convenient choice. Today's technology shows that it will be a stepping stone for vehicles to charge while driving and move towards electrification. "