July 12, 2020

Water Sentinel "Sentinel" - Water Quality Monitor

In the water quality environmental management, through the water quality monitoring, not only can the quality of the water environment be reflected in a true and timely manner, but also has a high predictability and risk prevention function, which can effectively avoid further expansion of water pollution, ensure water quality safety, and realize science. Governing water. For water quality monitoring, we need a “sentinel”-water quality monitor for water quality monitoring .

The main purpose of water quality monitoring is to detect the dissolved oxygen, turbidity, pH value, conductivity, water temperature and other indicators of the water body. It is within the normal range through data analysis, or abnormalities occur. The determination of these water quality indicators cannot be carried out through experience. Judging, but need to use professional instruments for scientific testing. The water quality monitor is used for the determination and detection of water quality indicators. It has three advantages. The first detection speed is fast. The water quality monitor uses high-precision sensors for sensing and feedback data. The detection speed is fast and the accuracy is high. The second data transmission is effective. Strong, water quality monitor supports wireless uploading data, can timely report detailed test results to technical personnel to ensure the timeliness and effectiveness of test data; third can realize unmanned automatic monitoring, water quality monitor can set monitoring time, automatically collect No need to take care of it. Based on these advantages of the water quality monitor, the instrument can effectively reduce the cost of water quality monitoring and improve the scientific and effective water quality monitoring.

Water quality monitoring is the "eyes and sentinels" of water control. The complicated water quality monitoring data is an important decision-making basis for water control work. In the process of water quality protection and upgrading in various places, water quality monitoring work is often placed in an important position, and the use of professional water quality monitors for automated monitoring will help improve the current water quality monitoring capabilities in various regions, especially to compensate the grassroots. Insufficient related technologies, better service guarantee work, building our common beautiful home, and developing green agricultural production.

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