July 12, 2020

What is the anti-collision performance of the sidewalk swing gate?

Anti-collision and anti-clamp are different concepts. Anti-collision is when the gate is reset, when the external force is suddenly ≥15N.M, the lower and upper discs are used. The reaction hurts people and greatly increases the service life of the swing gate movement.
Of course, the anti-collision swing gate is an external force that strikes the swing lever instead of hitting the box. If the box is hit, it will be deformed or damaged, which is a malicious act of destruction. I think that the malicious destruction of the company will not pay attention to it. When the sudden external force advances, although the gate will open, it will immediately call the police and alert the staff.
In general, in the case of a sudden emergency (continuous power supply), the pedestrian barrier device can directly guide personnel and play a good role in safety.

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