June 04, 2020

Installation notes for mass flow meters

Installation notes for mass flow meters:
1. Selection of installation location: Avoid electromagnetic interference. Sensors and transmitters should be installed away from strong electromagnetic fields, such as high-power motors, transformers, and inverter equipment.
2. Before installing the flowmeter officially, do not remove the protective cover of the flowmeter inlet and outlet to prevent debris from entering the flowmeter.
3. Pay attention to the flow direction mark on the flowmeter casing during installation. Although the mass flow can be measured in both directions, the Zui is installed according to the flow direction to prevent errors during configuration.
4. There is generally no straight pipe section requirement on the mass flow meter and downstream.
5. The center of the process piping should be aligned (no obvious deviation from the eye). Do not use a flow meter to straighten the upstream and downstream process piping during installation to avoid damage to the flowmeter. The near and flange of the upstream and downstream process pipes of the flowmeter should be firmly supported and clamped to prevent vibration from affecting the measurement accuracy. When soldering, be careful not to let the current pass through the body, that is, the target line and the wire are on the same side of the sensor.
6. The manual shut-off valve should be installed on the upstream and downstream of the flowmeter to facilitate zero adjustment, maintenance and ensure that the flowmeter can be in full state when it is not working.
7. When measuring the easily vaporized medium, the downstream of the flowmeter is equipped with a pressure gauge to observe the online pressure to control the proper back pressure to prevent vaporization. If vaporization occurs in the flowmeter, it will affect the measurement accuracy and even affect the normal operation of the flowmeter.
8. General recommendations: When measuring liquid flow, the flow meter is mounted down and installed at a relatively low point in the process piping.
9. Install the flow meter up when measuring the gas flow. Flag-type (vertical) installation is generally used when measuring slurry media (but if the flowmeter is triangular, such as CMF025, CMF050, etc., it is generally installed upwards).
10. Wiring: The power line, flow meter signal line and output signal line should be separated from each other to prevent mutual interference. The output signal line zui is preferably a shielded stranded wire. The distance between the sensor and the transmitter is 300 meters. After the wiring is completed, the junction box cover should be closed and the threaded hole should be sealed to prevent moisture from entering the measurement.
11. If the medium is a normal temperature condensate, heat insulation measures should be taken. Be careful to place the sensor junction box outside the insulation layer.

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