June 04, 2020


I have a new saying on the isolator

Signal Isolators, Analog Isolators , Sensor Isolators, Active Signal and Passive Signal Isolators, Active and Passive Load Isolators, Fiber Optic Signal Isolation Transmitters, Thermal Resistance Isolators, Displacement Resistor Isolators, Frequencies Isolators, PWM pulse isolators, speed sensor isolators, true RMS isolators, etc. Isolation and isolation isolators are widely used in power control, rail transit, electric vehicles, new energy technologies, environmental protection facilities, instrumentation, medical equipment, industrial Automation, etc. need to isolate the measurement and control of the power signal.

1 product features

● 4-20mA current input and output accuracy is high (distortion <0.2%)

● Extremely high linearity over the full range (non-linearity <0.2%)

● Signal input and output are highly isolated from 3KV/6KVDC

● Low impedance (integrated voltage drop <2V), no external components and working power supply required

● SIP 12Pin ultra-small size, UL94V-0 standard flame retardant package

● 4-20mA signal ultra-wide range voltage (8.5~28VDC) input

● Frequency response (small signal bandwidth): 2KHZ (Io=20mA)

● Industrial temperature range: - 25 ° C ~ + 70 ° C

2 typical applications

● Industrial site 4-20mA signal isolation and long-distance transmission

● Signal acquisition isolation and anti-interference between PLC and DCS input channels

● Ground interference suppression

● Reliable transmission and reception monitoring between instrumentation signals and sensors

● Analog signal data acquisition isolation and long-line distortion-free transmission

● Power instrumentation, medical equipment monitoring isolation barrier

● Rail transit DC high voltage monitoring isolation safety barrier

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