September 25, 2020

In what ways does it measure the explosion-proof camera?

In what ways does it measure the explosion-proof camera?
First of all, of course, the explosion-proof camera lens , the performance of the lens determines the final imaging effect of the video;
Secondly, whether the image sensor is CCD or CMOS, the two are different, the CCD technology and manufacturing are relatively mature, and the real sense of reality, light sensitivity, low noise interference, wide application range, etc., while the CMOS late show is cheap and fast. , low power consumption and other characteristics. And technology upgrades and developments are also faster.
Secondly, explosion-proof cameras often involve the problem of post-image correction, which causes distortion of the image due to various reasons such as lens and image sensor, environment and the like. In addition to correcting the software inside the camera, it can also be used for real-time monitoring or viewing of video through the back-end software. If problems such as distortion are found, it can be corrected by certain techniques. It can even be corrected directly at the front end. The advantage of correcting the front-end camera is that the transmission of the data image to the back end not only reduces the pressure of the network bandwidth and the size of the disk storage, but also reduces the standard requirements for data storage and transmission in the entire subsequent process.
The last point is how to realize the virtual rotation technology of the explosion-proof pan-tilt, that is, the image is randomly moved, rotated, enlarged and reduced by the virtual rotation technology to meet the user's image monitoring of the specific corner details, and the key monitoring of the area is realized.
As far as the current technology is concerned, the explosion-proof camera lens can be divided into three grades from the technology.
The first level can only output full-screen images or quad-screen images, and you can't change the monitoring angle orientation at will.
The second level, the explosion-proof camera has a certain correction function, can also use the virtual rotation technology, but the overall video effect is not good. The main willingness is that the algorithm and image compression coding technology is not in place. The result is slow, high consumption of computer server resources. .
In the third stage, the front-end processing technology is skillful, and the image video is clear and without distortion caused by the virtual rotation technology.

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