September 25, 2020

Manganese ore beneficiation equipment, new manganese ore concentrator, Frey manganese mine jig

Overview: While the type of manganese ore more, but the basic processing methods and is weakly magnetic iron ore beneficiation methods similar to re-election, high intensity magnetic separation and flotation-based, and there are many examples of processes used in combination, the following of manganese ore A brief introduction to the beneficiation methods and beneficiation equipment.

1. Manganese carbonate ore

The difference in specific gravity between manganese and waste rock in manganese carbonate ore is not separated by re-election method. The main ore dressing method is mainly flotation and strong magnetic separation.

1 flotation

The flotation process of manganese carbonate ore has processes such as crushing, grinding, flotation, etc. The ore is crushed, sieved, washed and ground to -200 mesh, accounting for 85%, and desulfurized by cyclone to enter flotation, concentrate The product is divided into three levels. The ore dressing equipment of manganese carbonate ore is: crusher , vibrating screen, washing machine, ball mill , flotation machine, etc.

2 strong magnetic selection

The strong magnetic separation process of manganese carbonate ore has the processes of crushing, sieving, strong magnetic separation, etc. After the ore is crushed and sieved, the particle size below 5mm enters the manganese ore magnetic separator for strong magnetic separation, and the qualified concentrate is obtained once. Its main mineral processing equipment includes crushers, vibrating screens, and manganese ore magnetic separators.

2. Manganese oxide ore

The beneficiation of manganese oxide ore is mainly by re-election and strong magnetic separation. The difference in specific gravity between useful minerals and waste rock in manganese oxide ore is high. High-quality manganese oxide concentrate can be obtained by re-election method and re-election equipment , while strong magnetic separation is used to recover fine-grained manganese oxide ore. The beneficiation process is mainly based on crushing-sieving-washing-jigging-strong magnetic selection. Some of the ore can also be obtained by high-quality concentrates through a jig, and the various mineral processing indicators are also expected. The main ore dressing equipment for manganese oxide ore is jig, manganese ore magnetic separator.

3. Mixed manganese ore

The beneficiation of mixed manganese ore is mainly based on the re-election-strong magnetic separation process. Re-election to obtain high-quality manganese ore concentrates and then use strong magnetic separation to obtain fine-grained concentrates. The processing equipment of mixed manganese ore is mainly jig, manganese ore magnetic separator.

4, associated multi-metal ores

At present, the treatment methods of associated polymetallic manganese ore in China are summarized as follows: mechanical beneficiation, fire enrichment, chemical treatment and electrolysis. When used in detail, there are mostly two or three combined processes.

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