September 25, 2020

Significant changes in the entry of motor vehicle companies and industries 6 models will be unified management

Attention! Access control for motor vehicles is finally about to change!

On April 18, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology promulgated the "Measures for the Administration of Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturing Enterprises and Product Access Permits (Draft for Solicitation of Comments)" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinion"), and started the collection of one month's opinions.

According to the "opinion", passenger cars, trucks, passenger cars, special vehicles, motorcycles, and trailers will be managed in the future to facilitate enterprise applications. At the same time, the "opinion draft" also specifically proposed to encourage technological innovation and group management of automobile enterprises, promote the management of vehicle family, and standardize the management of modified trucks. In the future, product announcements will be simplified much, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology predicts that the type of product access will be reduced by one third in the future.

Particularly noteworthy is that the "opinion" also proposes the principle of exemption, paving the way for innovative technologies such as intelligent networked cars and driverless cars to enter the "Announcement." If the relevant access requirements cannot meet or do not apply the current standards, regulations and technical specifications due to the application of new technologies, new processes, and new materials, some or all of the exemptions may be assessed.

In an interview with China Automotive News, China's Automobile Industry Association deputy secretary-general, Ye Shengji, said that the "opinion draft" is a reform based on actual development needs after more than 20 years of implementation of the existing access management system. "For the development of better services for the company, so as to promote better management of the automotive industry.

♦ Six models will be unified management

Since 1985, China has implemented the "catalogue" management of vehicle manufacturing enterprises and products. In 2001, the European Union's auto product type approval system was established, and a company and product access permit management system was established. In 2004, in accordance with the "Administrative Licensing Law" and the "Decision of the State Council on Establishing Administrative Licensing for Administrative Approval Items Definitely Necessary to Be Reserved," the management of vehicle manufacturing enterprises and product licensing (also called "Announcement") was established as an administrative licensing item. , and has been implemented by the automotive industry authorities.


With the development of China's auto industry, the increasing number of vehicle models and the continuous application of new technologies, license management documents have been scattered in the management of vehicle companies and products in recent years, the legal hierarchy is low, the types of licenses are too fine, and the integration and utilization of corporate resources is insufficient. Adapting to the problems such as insufficient development of new technologies, the need to reduce the scope of examination and approval and optimize the management process has become increasingly urgent. Therefore, the "Explanatory Draft" should come out.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology indicated that the “Contract” will implement the “Rules for the Implementation of Motorcycle Production Access Management Regulations”, “Provisions for the Management of Private School Bus Production Enterprises and Products”, “Management Rules for Production of Passenger Vehicle Production Enterprises and Products,” and “Commercial Ten license management documents such as vehicle production companies and product access management rules are integrated. The unified management will change the situation in the past when different types of vehicle manufacturing enterprises' access permit rules are dispersed in different documents. At the same time, the content of the management is too small to facilitate enterprise application. The “Contract” simplifies the management of over 19 subdivided corporate management into passenger cars, trucks, passenger cars, special vehicles, motorcycles, and trailers. Enterprises gain access to certain categories. After the license is granted, when new products are produced according to market conditions in this category, there is no need to apply for enterprise access permits again, which will greatly reduce the burden on the company and facilitate the adjustment of the business at any time according to market conditions.

In order to facilitate enterprise applications, the "opinion" also proposes to promote the management of enterprise groups to further simplify the process. Ye Shengji judged that self-certification of car companies may be put on the agenda in the future. “We have been criticized for being strict and generous, hoping to learn from the strict management measures of Europe and the United States. It is unlikely that this will be achieved at once. However, it is not impossible to strengthen the self-certification of enterprises.” Ye Shengji believes that the “opinion” implements group management. Measures such as simplifying procedures can allow enterprises to make maximum use of certification resources, while giving companies more room for self-certification. The Opinions clarified that qualified members of the enterprise group can share relevant capabilities in R&D, production, sales, and after-sales service, and when applying for permission to license vehicle manufacturing enterprises, the requirements for the import license review should be simplified; one of its members With regard to vehicle products that have obtained licenses, other members do not need to obtain access permits for the vehicle products, as long as they obtain vehicle manufacturing companies and product access licenses of the same type, and they can produce them when commissioned. At the same time, product family management will also be promoted, and enterprises will be encouraged to apply for product access for the same family's model products in line with family members. Production of products within the same family will not require re-application for announcement. Family management can reduce product access by more than one-third.

Ye Shengji also revealed that at present, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is organizing industry associations and other institutions to refine the entry of auto companies and products, especially the “Bulletin” background also needs to make corresponding adjustments. “It is expected that the implementation rules for the formal certification, group management, and certification qualifications of access management will be gradually introduced during the year to facilitate better operation of the company,” said Ye Shengji.

♦ Clear zombie car enterprise exit mechanism

In the past two years, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has carried out the retreat of zombie enterprises. This issue will also be more clearly stipulated in the "opinion". The "Contract of Comments" clearly states that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shall specifically publish enterprises and products that have obtained access qualifications but cannot maintain normal production and operation. Specially-recognized car enterprises will not be included in the announcement and will not be subject to change of business license. . This means that the following zombies will be retired:

Passenger car: Annual output is less than 2,000 vehicles for 2 consecutive years;

Trucks (including special vehicles for general transport): Output of less than 1,000 units for 2 consecutive years;

Passenger cars: The output of light buses is less than 1,000 for two consecutive years, and the output of medium and large passenger cars is less than 100;

Trailer: Production of less than 100 vehicles for 2 consecutive years;

Motorcycles: Production of less than 5,000 vehicles for 2 consecutive years.

The "Contract Draft" also stipulates that no unit or individual may resell, rent, lend, or otherwise illegally transfer already acquired vehicle production enterprises and product licensing. Ye Shengji emphasized that in the future, the “Announcement” management will clearly exit the mechanism and promote better development of the industry. “Before, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology had also carried out the clean-up of the zombie companies, but the relevant regulations were only in the form of supplementary regulations and were not formally included in the regulations on access management.”

♦ Pave the way for intelligent network connection and driverless access

In recent years, the application of new technologies to automotive products has brought new demands to product access management while enriching automotive products and satisfying consumer demand. The Opinions, in response to new changes and demands, proposed that due to new technologies, When new technologies, new materials, or other causes cause a company or product to fail to comply with the relevant regulations on access management, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will organize experts to evaluate the performance of product safety, environmental protection, energy conservation, and theft prevention, and decide whether or not to grant access based on the assessment results.

Lack of access management for intelligent networking and driverless products has always been a difficult issue that has plagued its development. It is also the focus of debate in the industry. Although the “advice paper” does not explicitly allow smart network access, it can be seen that innovative products and technologies There is a certain degree of immunity from future access management. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology stated that if the application of new technologies, new processes, and new materials causes related access issues to fail to meet or do not apply the current standards, regulations, and technical specifications, it may be assessed that some or all of the requirements are exempted. Innovative technology products such as driving cars are set aside in the "Announcement".

"The "Contract" reflects a certain forward-lookingness." Ye Shengji said that the "Contract" has "opened up" for Intelligent Networking and driverless entry management, although driverless has not yet been allowed to enter, but The exemption of new technologies and new products has given hope for unmanned access.

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