April 02, 2020

Non-ferrous metal mineral recovery technology in tin tailings

Tin tailings have integrated recycle processing method divalent metals, belonging to the technical field of metal ore beneficiation. The technical process is as follows: the magnetic mineral contained in the tin tailings is used as a carrier, and the prepared tin tailings are magnetically rough selected under the magnetic field strength of 8 000 to 12 000 Oersted; When the magnetic material accounts for 60%~70%, the tin- iron combination is dissociated; then, under the magnetic field strength of 2 500~4 000 Oersted, the magnetic concentrate is selected to obtain iron concentrate with iron grade greater than 60%. The final product; non-magnetic materials are sorted by multi-stage shaker to obtain tin rich mineral products with tin grade greater than 3%. The patent effectively utilizes tailings resources, which can greatly improve the recovery rate of tin metal, and comprehensively recover iron and manganese metal in tailings. The process of mineral processing is simple, the production cost is low, and the environment is friendly. Development and utilization have a good prospect of promotion.

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