September 30, 2020

Application of Small Weather Stations

In the field of agriculture, the small weather station is a crop meteorological testing instrument designed specifically for the monitoring of the growing environment of agricultural crops and for disaster monitoring and early warning. Small weather stations can measure wind speed, wind direction, ambient temperature, environmental humidity, atmospheric pressure, and rainfall. And other indicators of agricultural meteorological factors are important tools for modern agriculture to seek advantages and avoid hazards and improve the quality and output of agricultural products, which is of great significance for ensuring agricultural production. Here's a brief introduction to the application of small weather stations.

Small Weather Station

At present, agricultural meteorological testing is needed in many areas of agriculture. Therefore, this small-scale meteorological station has a wide range of applications for meteorological testing instruments. It is widely used in meteorology and agriculture to detect the impact of meteorological changes on crops and manage farmland scientifically. Planting and small-scale weather stations are special equipment for the Bureau of Agriculture, Chinese Academy of Sciences, soil and fertilizer stations and colleges and universities, and are suitable for standard fertile land and water-saving irrigation projects. The application of this instrument has effectively increased the level of modern agricultural science and technology, provided timely and accurate meteorological services for the development of modern agriculture, and helped modern agriculture to a new level.

Summarizing the types and characteristics of agricultural meteorological disasters, we can see that the common meteorological disasters in agriculture include disasters caused by water factor anomalies: drought, flood, waterlogging, locust plague, and even rain; temperature-induced disasters: low-temperature chilling, frost and frost damage, Snowstorms, high-temperature heat damage, and windstorms, dry hot winds, etc., and the use of small meteorological stations to strengthen the monitoring of meteorological factors such as moisture, temperature, and wind speed can find relevant meteorological conditions and meteorological elements indicators for the growth and development of species. Weather forecasting, intelligence, and crop climate assessment provide the basis for promptly taking timely measures to promote the development of high-yield, high-quality, and highly-efficient agriculture.

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