July 12, 2020

To learn to maintain and maintain a good digital force gauge in summer

Summer has arrived, and the maintenance of digital push-pull gauges may cause many digital push-pull gauge users not to attach too much importance to it. This will cause our digital push-pull-force gauges to be used frequently and their service life is very short. If you don't understand the maintenance of the digital push-pull gauge, it will take a long time for the digital push-pull gauge to easily malfunction or short-circuit. Therefore, you don't know how to use the digital push-pull gauge. The user hastened to come and check it out.
Digital push-pull gauge picture
Digital push-pull gauge picture

Digital push-pull gauge maintenance tips:
1. When charging is required, pay attention to whether the rated output voltage of the external adapter power supply (buck power supply) matches “instrument” and the polarity of the ¢6 plug is correct (the voltage can have a positive and negative difference of 10%). It should be noted that the initial voltage rating of the adapter is 110V and 220V. Do not make a mistake.
2. Digital push-pull gauge meter prompts recharging when charging, do not need to increase the number of charging, when not in use for a long time, it should be charged once every two months to avoid battery over-discharge)
3. Each company's charging circuit is intelligent, through the change of the color of the charging indicator, reflecting the working status of the battery is charged, basically "requires charging (dark red) → orange yellow → yellow → yellow-green → green ( The charging process is completed. Usually, the charging time is 12 to 15 hours.
4. When working in a wet, dusty, or temperature-differenced environment, it is necessary to eliminate suspicious interferences in a timely manner and do maintenance work such as flushing, cooling, and dust removal. Regular inspections should be conducted to check if it is wet and if there are any foreign objects around the moving parts. If abnormalities are found, they should be promptly cleaned and maintained.
5. The surface of the digital push-pull force gauge should be kept clean and free from all kinds of dust and debris. When replacing the shackle, it must be maintained and replaced by the professional. The user is not responsible for any disturbance.
6. The digital push-pull force meter can avoid long-term work in extremely high or low temperature places. If it must work in harsh environments, it should be used for a period of time (30 minutes) before it is used. This is caused by sensors and electronics. As determined by the temperature characteristics of the components, they must have a temperature adaptation process before they can work properly. Otherwise, inaccurate measurements will occur.

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