July 12, 2020

Frame bracket filling mining method

(1) The order of recovery. When using the box bracket filling method for multi-stage recovery, the upper stage should be advanced, and the lead distance should be greater than 50m. The use of 25 to 30 m section height, one stage can be left between the two recovery stages, so that the mining and filling are carried out in two stages, respectively, without affecting each other.
The box bracket filling method is layered back in the direction of the upper or lower disc. It can be stratified mining, but in order to improve the mining intensity, two layers are generally used for simultaneous mining. The next layer is advanced by 8~10m, and 3~4 layers can be used for simultaneous mining. The next layer leads the previous one. Layers 2 to 3, but the number of layers to be recovered at the same time must not exceed four.
(2) Falling mine. The ore recovered by the frame bracket filling method is relatively soft. In most cases, manual excavation is used. When the ore is slightly hard, it can be excavated by pneumatic pick. When the ore is hard, the rock is blasted and dropped. The depth of the blasthole should not exceed 1.0-1.2m, and the amount of blasting should not be too much to ensure the stability of the frame pillar.
(3) Paving. The loss rate of ore is related to whether the paving slab is laid and its quality. From the experience of China and the Soviet Union, it is known that the laying of the backing plate can reduce the loss of ore in the filling material by 4 to 8 times. As Malargue Gejiu tin ore mining 426 does not feed the loss plate was 12% filled, and after laying reduced to 1.5%.
The old tin mine generally promotes the jointed wooden backing board. In the high-grade ore body, a layer of canvas or linen is laid under the backing plate to recover the fine ore.
(4) Transportation. Ore and filling are used as much as possible by gravity. If the dip angle of the ore body is small or the production is complicated, the ore and filling can be transported in the stope by small ore or small electric eel when using gravity to mine and filling the filling patio and chute with difficulty or need to dig more.
(5) Set up a box. The square frame is the most important process in the mining, and the first layer is set on the long beam from the stage transportation lane. The length of the ground beam is the length of two squares. The first layer must be rigorously set and should be checked with a level, square or drop ball.
The tip of the box at the corners of the box should be wedged with a short wooden mat. When the square frame meets the upper and lower plates, it is forbidden to destroy the surrounding rock and maintain the integrity of the upper and lower surrounding rocks.
(6) Filling. In order to effectively control the top plate, high-density filling is required, and the filling space should account for 75-85% of the gob area. The blockage of the filling material shall not exceed 80 to 100 mm. In order to prevent depletion, the filling body and the ore body should be separated by wood or logs. No more than four boxes that are not filled horizontally. The height of the unfilled shall not exceed two boxes; in the case of multi-layer mining, the height of the two boxes after the working face shall not exceed two boxes; the pressure of the stope is very large or the area of ​​the old hole is not filled. Allow a box.

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