July 12, 2020

"Shared Farm" with Chinese characteristics will soon be piloted in Hainan

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] Nowadays, many cities have “shared bicycles”, which are all red, green and green. When “sharing” also became a model, “shared farms” came into being.
Recently, the pilot project of “shared farms” in Hainan is about to start. The state and Hainan Province have issued a series of policies to support the development of “shared farms”. What does “shared farm” mean? Sun Liwu, commentator of China Rural Voices, analyzes:
"Shared Farm" with Chinese characteristics will soon be piloted in Hainan
Sun Liwu: In recent years, the concept of sharing the economy has spread all over the country. “Shared bicycles”, “shared cars, and “shared food” have become popular among young people. So, have farmers thought about sharing the economic concept and What kind of sparks will be made when agriculture is integrated?
In fact, the agricultural sharing economy is not a new thing. In some countries in Europe and America, “shared farms” is the representative of the agricultural sharing economy. For example, there is an Amy Farm in the United States, which is run by a 60-year-old mother and her 30-year-old daughter. As a "farmhouse" in the United States, the 60-acre farm is managed by two women, which is obviously very difficult, so they simply turn the farm into an open and casual operation. How open is it? They set four "casual" rules, the door is easy to enter, the work is casual, the dishes are picked, and the money is given casually.
There will be a small blackboard on the farm, which will describe what needs to be done on the day, such as watering the cabbage and loosening the potatoes. As a result, the tourists will have the goal of working, and everyone will have a hard day. When you look at it, you can see what you want to bring back the fruits and vegetables. If you give me some money, you can take it away. In this way, the “shared farm” in the United States not only solved the labor problem, but also became a tourist attraction. The crops planted can be sold to the supermarket to make a profit.
The concept of “shared farm” has spread to China, and it has evolved a step further. It can not only share farms and tourists, but also share farms and farmers. What do you mean? The government will use unused and abandoned farmhouses, fields, mountains and woodland resources to build a modern farm. Farmers can participate in farm management and share farm management results through product adoption, substituting, self-cultivation, and housing leasing.

This concept of “shared farms” with unique Chinese characteristics has enriched the connotation of the agricultural sharing economy. First of all, the Chinese-style “shared farms” can make full use of the idle land in the countryside, so that they can exert great economic benefits and break the shackles of the past. Second, the Chinese-style “shared farm” can also provide farmers with more employment opportunities and earning channels, which not only reduces business risks, but also closely links the village collective economy with farmers. Later, the Chinese-style “shared farm” is also a deliberate breakthrough in the development of rural tourism, which can bring more realistic farming experience to tourists.
In addition, as the “shared farms” are gradually becoming familiar to everyone, many people have also opened their minds and began to ponder which sharing modes can be tapped in agriculture and rural areas. Some people think that "agricultural sharing" can also be tried. Many farmers have complained that the price of agricultural machinery is too expensive. If agricultural machinery is leased, an agricultural machine can be provided to a villager to use it. If you share this agricultural machine, you can also share it. Reduce the financial pressure and cash flow of entrepreneurs. Others said that “warehouse sharing” is also good, because building a storage cost is too high and the idle rate is particularly large. Through the sharing model, rural warehousing can be activated to improve warehousing utilization and help farmers solve problems such as agricultural product storage and agricultural product safety.

Drilling Unit Processing Notes:

Work piece location:
Make decision of using half of work platform or the whole according to the size of processing work-pieces. Using the whole platform, the work-piece should be put on the processing position close to the clamping cylinder locating side, step two pedal switches, clamp the work-piece and start processing. Using half of work platform, the work-piece should be put on the front or back processing position close to the clamping cylinder locating side, step the corresponding pedal switch and start processing. 
Rotating speed setting:
Rolling speed can be set according to diameter of dill and other relevant information. The speed of this machine has been set. There is no need for users to adjust. Users only need to input the diameter of drill bit and it will adjust suitable speed automatically.  
Feeding speed setting:
Feeding speed can be set according to drilling manual or experiences. The speed of this machine has been set according to the diameter of drill bit. Users can adjust it flexibly according to the actual use. For specific adjustment method, please refer to computer programming instruction.
Self-running operation:
When all factors meet the condition which self-running need, the "Ready" indicator light on. Put "start" button, the machine will run automatically and process work-pieces meeting requirement. 
This machine has two platforms. When one is processing, the other can move to the frame head for mounting and dismounting. The clamping and loosing of work-pieces is controlled by pedal switch.

It will realize continuous processing, improve efficiency and save time.





CNC Sheet Metal Drilling Machine 

Applicable Industry:

CNC Sheet Metal Drilling Machine is used for drilling connection boards and base plates of steel structure, tower, bridge and other industries.


Product feature:

1. CNC slider and drilling unit head, can control depth of holes, with function of drilling blind hole, reaming, chamfer angle. 

2. Can automatically find holes to drill at X.Y axis. 

3. Four processing position, 12 rapid hydraulic clamps, capable of clamping four sets of work pieces, and downloading work pieces when drilling simultaneously. 

4. CNC, PLC systems, CRT display. 

5. Programming software based on WINDOWS platform with CAD connection, fast and convenient programming, and visual previewing. 

6. Automatic chip removal, coolant circulation cooling. 

7. Key machinery, hydraulic pressure, electric components are chose from famous cooperation domestic and abroad.

8. Optimized integration design for complete machine, no foundation requirements.

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The Supplier should give drawings and other details of material/preparation required for installation of machinery which the buyer has to prepare and keep ready before the machine arrives at the buyer's factory. Installation and commissioning can be finished within 5-10 days for above machine generally. 


Training will include training on computer programming, machine operation and troubleshooting. The training time is at most 5 days for this machine. 

The buyer should arrange no less than two people for accepting training. After training, the buyer should sign the "Receiving & Inspection Report" supplied by the seller to demonstrate the successful finish of commissioning and acceptance of the buyer.

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