July 12, 2020

When HOWO light truck meets the 10-speed box -

Based on the manufacturing industry 2025, centering on the maximization of user operating revenue, any light truck customer can find the most suitable car in the "HOWO Classic" series. "HOWO Classic" is the most professional gold logistics solution.

The engine is responsible for moving, and the transmission is responsible for transmission! Many people think that the engine determines the power of a car, but in reality this is not necessarily the case. The cooperation of the gearbox and engine, the brothers, can play a decisive role.

Gearboxes with more gears are matched with high-power, high-torque engines to provide more powerful starting power, more sensitive speed-increasing feelings, higher speeds, and more economical fuel consumption.


China National Heavy Duty Truck launched the HOWO light truck Almighty King with higher reliability and stronger bearing capacity. This product is equipped with the HW90510C ten-speed gearbox, which has stronger power.

● Gold match

2080 super wide vision cab + commander ISF3.8L/gengjiang YNF40/gengjiang CY4SK high horsepower engine + HW90510C ten gear transmission + upgraded version widened drive axle +865 wide frame + high strength 2300 wide cargo box (five Open/riveted/through outer ribs).

●Applicable to customers

HOWO Lightweight Almighty King product is suitable for heavy user groups:

Transportation of vegetables, fruits, fresh, feed, grain, cement and building materials;

●HW90510C advantage

With overdrive HW90510C ten-speed gearbox, head-speed ratio is large, which is 16%--40% higher than the industry's mainstream 8-speed transmission. HW90510C ten-speed gearbox at the end of the minimum speed ratio of up to 0.779, both to meet the power needs of heavy start, but also to protect the high-speed logistics and efficient fuel-efficient needs. The speed can be maintained on the expressway, and the power of the entire vehicle can also be reflected on the national road and the mountain road.

And each gear level difference is smaller, the shift operation is smoother, smoother, and the fuel economy is higher.

The HW90510C gearbox is composed of a two-stage structure of the main box and the sub-tank, both of which adopt a double countershaft structure, which greatly improves the reliability and longevity of the transmission. Theoretically, each intermediate shaft transmits only 1/2 of the torque, so the use of dual intermediate shafts can reduce the center distance and gear thickness of the transmission, thereby shortening the axial length of the entire transmission and reducing the weight of the transmission.

● Gold six wide

Wide cab: comfortable and safe to reduce fatigue, wide cargo box can be rear view;

Wide field of vision: wide vision, no dead ends, and safe driving are the most important;

Wide frame: support wide cargo box; 865mm wide frame is stable;

Wide Axle: Stable when the cargo is high, and less deceleration at high-speed turning;

Wide cargo box: The largest volume, Dora more earned;

Wide shoes: Short braking distance; ABS is standard in the entire system to improve driving safety.

When the HOWO light truck meets the 10-speed box - Classic Almighty King comes

● Strong bearer

Configuration 8.25R16 steel tire, 195 frame, 11/9+7TH thick plate spring, chassis carrying capacity.

HOWO light truck Almighty King equipped with a 10-speed gearbox, whether it is heavy-load climbing, heavy-load speed increase, green pass high-speed, high-speed logistics, can be achieved through the ten-gear box multi-range reasonable control. Effortlessly maximize revenue, and it is absolutely the gospel for light-card users.

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