February 28, 2020

Finland's Steerprop introduces a new thruster

Recently, Finnish Steerprop has introduced a new thruster. The thruster uses the new counter-rotating propeller (CRP) ECO LM from The Switch's permanent magnet technology.
Finland's Steerprop introduces a new thruster
Steerprop has been developing thrusters since 2001, and The Switch, an advanced driveline solution development company, has been using its permanent magnet technology to improve performance in marine applications.
According to Steerprop, the new Steerprop CRP ECO LM thruster will utilize a horizontal (vertical) permanent magnet motor for installation on the inside of a hull, simplifying installation and maintenance. When the motor is mounted on top of the propeller, the thruster will be more compact in size and will increase efficiency without affecting fluid dynamics and reducing operating costs.
It is reported that Steerprop's coaxial reverse propeller (CRP) is known for its superior hydrodynamic efficiency. In some cases, the fuel consumption of a single propeller, a conventional electric propeller, will be reduced by up to 25%. By combining the thruster with The Switch's permanent magnet motor, the overall efficiency of the vessel will be optimized. It can further improve the energy efficiency of ships, reduce ship emissions and save costs.
In addition, because the permanent magnet motor and all auxiliary electrical systems and instruments are installed in the hull to ensure easy maintenance and reliability, the compact and lightweight thruster also means easier installation.
According to Steerprop, its CRP ECO LM thrusters are particularly well-suited for demanding environments and meet the requirements of icebreaking and have achieved the highest ice certification. Due to its rugged construction and low load, the resulting noise and vibration are low, which enhances the comfort of the crew.

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