February 28, 2020

Beijing Graphene Industry Innovation Center was officially established

"Graphene should not be like industrial MSG, it should be scattered everywhere, but it must have its main brand, like carbon fiber, become a 'killer grade' material in a certain field." April 11, Beijing graphene industry innovation The center was established in China Aerospace Institute of Aviation Materials. Liu Zhongfan, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a professor at Peking University, stressed at the inauguration ceremony that the development of China's graphene industry should be based on a new way of effective combination of government, industry, research and research, through the Beijing graphene industry. The innovation center platform breaks through the common key technologies and occupies the commanding heights of global industrial innovation. As the largest comprehensive material research institution in China, China Aerospace Beijing Aeronautical Materials Research Institute has been tracking graphene technology since 2006. In 2008, it broke through high-quality, low-cost and batch-prepared graphene nanosheet preparation technology. In the year, it broke through the high-quality, low-cost and large-scale graphite film preparation technology suitable for batch preparation. According to Dai Shenglong, deputy director of China Aviation Science and Technology Commission and dean of China Aerospace Beijing Aeronautical Materials Research Institute, Beijing Aeronautical Materials Research Institute has created more than 40 research applications for graphene innovation, and developed more than 60 new materials, graphene. Scientific and technological achievements have been applied in the cutting-edge equipment of military industry to realize the application of graphene in aviation, aerospace, energy, electronics and biology. At present, China Aeronautics and Astronautics Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials Graphene and Applied Research Center has successfully developed a new graphene lithium-ion battery with fast charging, long life and low heat. The test results show that under the same conditions, this new graphene The charging time of lithium-ion batteries is only 1/10 of that of ordinary lithium-ion batteries, but the service life is 5 times that of ordinary lithium-ion batteries, and the heat generation problem is effectively suppressed. If such a graphene lithium ion battery is used, the ordinary mobile phone can be fully charged in only 10 minutes. It is reported that the Beijing Graphene Industry Innovation Center was established mainly by Beijing Graphene Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd., Beijing Graphene Research Institute and Graphene Industry Alliance. Formed the organizational structure of "one body and two wings", gathered the advantages of optimal resources, built a multi-level talent incentive mechanism, established a "public intelligence" type research and development model, and established a shared industry common land. Ding Jun, director of China Aviation Quality and Technology Department, said that the overall goal of the Innovation Center is to become "the world's leading graphene composite technology research and industry incubation center." By 2020, the Innovation Center will focus on three major tasks: First, aiming at the country's major needs, breaking through the common technology of graphene application materials, realizing the upgrading of existing materials, and obtaining more than 7 international leading graphene killer applications; The second is to solve the general technology of batch production and application of graphene, realize the low-cost preparation and application of 100 tons of graphene, and form the core of the billion-dollar industry; the third is to aim at the international frontier, master the graphene subversive technology, and promote 10 "China" Invented, the world's first "graphene frontier technology, forming 100 international patents and international standards, has a team of 100 people with an international perspective. "Graphene, as a new subversive material, is currently in a critical period from the laboratory to industrialization. It is in the stage of running with foreign technology, and it is a condition to become a breakthrough for China's new material industry and even the manufacturing industry to achieve cornering." Dai Shenglong said.

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