February 28, 2020

Matters needing attention in the home improvement process

Ao Lin Xiaobian again to share knowledge for you ~! Home decoration is a life event that determines the quality of your life. Everyone wants a small nest of their own style. But do you know something to watch out for in the home improvement process? Here's a brief introduction to some of the important things to note in the home improvement process.
1. Understand the house layout of the house Have a basic understanding of the house type of the house, master the partition of the space, including the orientation, etc., especially the lighting problem of the house, the impact on the future life. Note: (Ao Lin Wood not only has high-quality wood products, but also a top-notch decoration team! Want to know more about home improvement knowledge to add AoLin Weixin almy1014.)
2. Before decorating, understand the main material price, such as: tiles, floors, cabinets, etc. These will affect your budget, and you can see from the decoration company's tricks.
3. For house decoration, do not wear holes in the load-bearing wall, remove the walls connecting the balconies and doors and windows, enlarge the size of the original doors or windows, or build windows and doors. This will cause partial cracks in the building and severely affect the anti-seismic capacity, thus shortening Building life.
4. The decoration of balconies and bathrooms should use materials with small loads as much as possible because the over-loading of the balconies can cause overturning.
5. If you want the toilet to drain quickly, then the slope of the ground should be considered before paving. According to the slope of the national standard, the effect of rapid drainage can not be achieved, and if you use a deodorant floor drain or ultra-thin floor drain will greatly exacerbate the difficulty of drainage .
6. The ceiling light of the bedroom is preferably double-controlled, with one beside the door and one beside the bed, so as to save the lights in the winter when lying on the bed.
7. If you want to take a good air-conditioner when you are on the line, move the power supply as close to the air-conditioning as possible to avoid seeing a power cord when installing the air-conditioner, leaving a pity.
8. The increase or decrease in the construction process must be clear and then written in black and white.
9.Before renovating, be sure to learn more about the decoration, and have a certain understanding of the decoration, so as to minimize the decoration company and building materials furniture. 10. The biggest experience is that the decoration is as simple as possible, less pollution, less money, and peace of mind.
A brief introduction to 10 points of attention, there are many details need to pay attention to home improvement, want to know more about home improvement knowledge and content, please pay attention to WeChat Almy1014.

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