June 04, 2020

Smart agriculture is rooting in China's vast land

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] At present, smart agriculture based on the application and promotion of Internet of Things technology is taking root in China's vast land. From facility agriculture such as vegetable greenhouses to field crops in the Northeast Plain, from aquaculture in coastal areas to cattle farms in urban agriculture, agricultural production armed with “wisdom” has become more intelligent and simple. Farming management has also become a very cool job. Farmers can easily complete complicated data collection and control without using the ground and moving their fingers with a click of a mouse. It is more scientific and scientific than manual.
Smart agriculture is rooting in China's vast land
Smart agriculture is full of vitality and has unlimited vitality. It represents China's advanced agricultural development direction. Looking at the international market, smart agriculture is still a fertile ground without any “fine” in all countries. It can be said that the development of smart agriculture has brought great opportunities for Chinese agriculture to achieve "curve overtaking", which is why our country has attached great importance to the development of smart agriculture in recent years. Whether it is basic technical research, the promotion and application of agricultural Internet of Things, and the construction of agricultural big data platforms, China's smart agriculture has grown rapidly. In the pilot demonstration area, many farmers have already enjoyed the benefits of smart agriculture.
High-tech needs high investment. The practice of smart agriculture in most places depends on the government's financial support. From purchase and use to follow-up maintenance and management, it requires a lot of investment. Therefore, the input-output ratio of smart agricultural equipment is also a new type of operation such as cooperatives. The main concern of the subject is the problem that must be solved to promote the application of agricultural IoT technology on a larger scale. Relevant departments are also actively exploring the investment and promotion models that make smart agriculture more popular. I believe that with the continuous improvement of technology and the continuous exploration of the pilot model, more cooperatives will take this train to achieve the "cue overtaking" fast train.

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