June 04, 2020

It turns out that you are liberating the J7 to use a "swift way" technology to stage a driverless smart truck.

On April 13, 2017, at the Changchun FAW Technical Center's Nong'an Experimental Base in Jilin, the first open demonstration of the unmanned intelligent truck independently developed by FAW was carried out. Both of them were equipped with a liberation J7 tractor that FAW liberated the “Shutu” technology and The dump truck successfully completed all operations in a fully automated driving state, and achieved the first successful demonstration of the heavy-duty truck automatic driving demonstration in China. It has become an epoch-making moment in the history of commercial vehicles in China.

At the demonstration site, galloping liberation smart trucks were switched to automatic driving state. Faced with obstacle cars 50 meters ahead, they were accurately identified under computer control. The steering wheel and accelerator pedals were adjusted accurately, changing lanes, accelerating, and surpassing. The movements were clean. Lisuo, in one go, the scene is very shocking, the audience was amazed.

Dong Chunbo, deputy general manager of FAW Group, introduced at the demonstration site that in order to build "Yantu" as the leading international first-class interconnection intelligence technology and realize the goal of "customer tacit understanding of interconnection, reliable driving, and intimacy service", China FAW relies on powerful The strength of independent innovation has formed an integrated technology platform including design, manufacturing and service based on “Internet Plus”; an energy-saving and new energy vehicle powertrain and chassis electromechanical integration technology platform; vehicle and assembly electronic control embedded Software technology platform; automotive smart mobile technology platform; D-Partner + information service technology platform, including the five major technical support platforms.

Hu Hanjie, secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of FAW Jiefang Automobile Co., Ltd., introduced at the demonstration site that the "Guitar Strategy" is an important support in the "13th Five-Year Plan" for the liberation of FAW, and is formulated under the unified plan layout of FAW Group. The liberation of its own advantages accumulated over the years, but also to adapt to the market's development trend, not only marks the liberation of the smart drive commercial vehicle technology has taken a big step forward, but also demonstrated the ability and determination of the liberation of the development of smart cars.

At the scene, FAW liberation officially announced the “Changtu” commercial vehicle strategy, clarifying the three phases of planning for the future development of smart trucks, namely:

In 2018, L3 class autopilot product development based on high-precision regional positioning has been completed. It has the functions of specific regional environment awareness, intelligent LPS positioning and navigation, and intelligent path planning, and realizes product demonstration operation;

It will complete the development of L4 automatic driving products based on 5G driving network in 2020, with intelligent 5G positioning and navigation, intelligent 5G environment awareness, intelligent 5G decision-making and other functions, and initially realize the construction of automatic driving demonstration areas under 5G environment;

In 2025, the company will complete the development of L5 autopilot product for Liberation, and it will be equipped with all-state autopilot function, and will complete the construction of an open source design platform for Liberation, and gradually open to the whole industry for key technologies, and promote China's commercial vehicles through technical guidance and output. Industry development.

At the demonstration site, FAW Jiefang also signed strategic cooperation agreements with Baidu, Hengrun, Ericsson, China Mobile, Bosch, China, ZF, and Waterma Group, which will be used in the development of intelligent commercial vehicles, core technology research, and marketing promotion operations. The parties carry out extensive cooperation. Jointly build a full-industry-chain eco-sphere for R&D, production, and operation of smart-driving commercial vehicles.

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