October 26, 2020

The generation and main form of adsorption

  At the flotation interface, adsorption is a common phenomenon and has an important impact on the floatation process. For example, the adsorption of a direct blowing agent at the liquid-vapor interface has a great influence on the formation and mineralization of the foam. The adsorption of various collectors , inhibitors and activators on the surface of the ore particles in the pulp directly controls the flotation properties of the mineral surface and the indexes of the flotation. Therefore, the adsorption phenomenon is of great significance to flotation.
Adsorption occurs due to the unsaturated surface bonds of the mineral surface. That is to say, after the crushed or ground ore, there are cracks and residual bonds on the exposed surface, and it is easy to adsorb the surrounding gas and liquid particles.

Flotation agent adsorption form on the surface of ore particles

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Adsorption type

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Physical adsorption

Intermolecular force, weak force, no selectivity, less heat of adsorption, fast adsorption, reversible, often multi-layer adsorption.


Chemical adsorption

    Non-intermolecular forces, which are chemical bonds, have electron transfer and selectivity, adsorption only occurs in the activation center, adsorption heat release is large, adsorption speed is slow, irreversible, single layer adsorption.


Non-polar adsorption

The iso-ion ions are simply adsorbed on the interface by electrostatic attraction.


Polar adsorption

    The adsorbed substance is adsorbed on the interface by chemical bonds or other bonds. Its electrical properties can be the same as the positioning ions of the surface.


Ion adsorption

    The adsorbed ions.


Molecular adsorption

    The molecules that are adsorbed are molecules.


Semi-micelle adsorption

    Most of the substances adsorbed at the interface of the solid phase are long hydrocarbon chains, ionic micelles associated with the hydrocarbon groups, and also ions that are adsorbed separately.


Single layer adsorption

    There is only one layer of adsorbate.


Multilayer adsorption

    The adsorbates are arranged in multiple layers.


Inner layer adsorption

    The solute is adsorbed to the inner layer of the electric double layer.


Outer layer adsorption

    The solute is adsorbed to the outer layer of the electric double layer.

    The surface of various minerals does not satisfy the size of the bond energy, and the range of variation is quite large, so the adsorption form of the agent on the mineral surface is various. As shown in the above table.

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