June 04, 2020

LED lights will be covered by the FDA, and customs clearance will face double “levels”

Recently, it was learned that LED lights will be included in the scope of FDA supervision. It is understood that after the implementation of this rule, LED light products will face double checkpoints. In addition to customs clearance, customs clearance may be required. However, this change only involves the LED lamp itself, and does not involve the use of LED lights (such as lamps without the LED lamp itself). According to industry insiders, LED lights are included in the FDA's regulatory scope, and the requirements for the export logistics industry will be more stringent. They need to be clear about the manufacturers and refuse to accept irregular products when receiving customer goods. At the same time, when providing customs clearance materials, it is necessary to provide the manufacturer information of the LED lamps together, including the manufacturer's name, address and contact number, so as to avoid delays in customs clearance. It is reported that if you only use LED lights but do not have LED lights, you need to clearly mark them in the customs clearance materials. According to the industry insiders, this regulation has only just begun to be implemented, so it should not be checked too strictly in the future.

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