June 02, 2020

Discussion on Test Procedure of Three-phase Microcomputer Relay Protection Tester

Three-phase microcomputer relay protection tester:
(1) Measurement of the power direction relay action area and sensitivity angle
In the “transformation test” software module, set Uab, Ia as the rated value, set the Uab phase angle step, add and subtract the voltage phase angle, and measure the boundary angles φ1 and φ2 of the two sides of the action zone, then the sensitivity angle φLM=1/ 2(φ1+φ2).
(2) Measurement of the minimum operating power
In the “transformation test” software module, set the angle at sensitivity angle φLM, set Ia (or Uab) to nominal value, Uab (or Ia) to zero, set the step size of Uab (or Ia), and increase the voltage ( Or current). Measure the minimum operating power.
(3) Latent test
In the “graduation test” software module, the current loop is opened, the Uab initial value is set to zero, the step length is the rated voltage, and suddenly the voltage is added or removed, and the relay contact should not have instant connection.
The voltage loop is short-circuited by the resistor, and the initial value of Ia is set to zero and the step length is several times of the rated current. If the current is suddenly added or removed, the relay contact should not have instantaneous connection.
(4) Memory test
In the "transformation test" software module, set the angle to sensitivity angle, set Ia to 0.5 times and several times the rated current, Uab from 100V suddenly dropped to zero, the relay should act reliably, indicating good memory effect.

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