June 02, 2020

How to clean the electronic throttle

After the car has been in operation for a while, there will always be problems of one kind or another. In fact, this is quite normal. If the automobile parts are faulty, they must be repaired or replaced in time. If the carbon is dirty or dirty, it should be cleaned. This is clear to everyone. Today we are going to introduce how to clean the electronic throttle. Welcome all friends to pay attention.


Why should the electronic throttle be cleaned?

The throttle is a device that controls the entry of air into the cylinder. After the outside air enters the air filter, it enters the throttle through the intake hose, and then passes through the intake branch, the cylinder head, and finally enters the cylinder. The weight of our pedals is to control the opening and closing and opening of the throttle to control the speed and speed.

The electronic throttle is controlled by electricity to control the throttle opening. During the operation of the EFI engine, a small portion of the exhaust gas generated by combustion in the cylinder generates carbon deposits at the throttle body through the intake valve and the intake duct. In addition, after the air passes through the air filter (especially the air filter that has been used for a long time), impurities remain in the throttle. These dirt accumulate, and when the time is long, dirt will form at the throttle body, causing the throttle switch resistance to increase, the engine idle speed and other failures, so the throttle should be cleaned regularly.

How to clean the electronic throttle

Preparation: Before cleaning the electronic throttle, turn off the car's key door or cooperate with two people (specially someone is responsible for stepping on the throttle). The engine compartment is simply cleaned before the throttle is removed and the engine cover is removed. The line of sight is ready for a screwdriver (more convenient) or sleeve ratchet (see personal circumstances), a clean cotton cloth, a bottle of clearing agent. Among them, the cleaning agent needs to be purchased generally does not exceed 20 yuan, and these can be started.


Method steps:

1. Open the front hood, find the engine and the air filter tube, and loosen the hair filter tube near the engine side. Now you see the electronic throttle connected to the engine.

2. Remove the intake pipe from the throttle valve, generally use a word to open the catch of the intake pipe and pull out the intake pipe. During the operation, you should pay attention to the nearby clamps or small pipes. Do not use too much force, destroy other parts, pay special attention to the nearby vacuum tube (slightly thin).


3. Using two-person operation, open the key door and a person is responsible for stepping on the accelerator pedal. At this time, the throttle valve can be fully opened for cleaning.

4. Spray the cleaning agent onto the electronic throttle, wipe it with a cotton cloth, repeat the operation, and use a cotton swab to clean the parts that are not easy to wipe.

5. Turn the car key to the on position and continue to wipe until the black material is cleaned.

6. The effect after cleaning is very obvious, the inner wall and the throttle are very clean, and the cleaning effect is achieved. After that, it is the work of loading and unloading. Don't neglect the work of loading and unloading. Don't miss the misplaced parts, especially when installing the throttle pipe, it must be in place to avoid air leakage. The plug that needs to be pulled out must be inserted.


7. The last step matches the throttle. The matching of the throttle has different methods according to different models. Generally, only the power storage needs to be disconnected. Please check the matching method of the vehicle before matching. Some models cannot be powered off. Otherwise, it will be more troublesome to trigger theft, these cars need computer matching. There are also some cars that only need to open the key door to automatically match, and the match has no effect on the car.

How to clean the electronic throttle, it is for everyone to introduce, you can refer to the operation of the small series, of course, if it is a novice, it is recommended to find a professional repair shop cleaning, as well as try not to frequently clean the throttle to prevent it from causing damage.

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