July 12, 2020

Central task of enterprise environmental protection management

The production process of an enterprise is not only the process of product formation, but also the process of material consumption. That is to say, some raw materials are transformed into products through labor; some of the raw materials become pollutants discharged into the environment. The reduction of pollutants in the production of products is two aspects of a problem in the production process, which complement each other. Enterprise management must include both aspects of the production process, namely product production and control of pollution loss. Therefore, the central task of enterprise environmental protection management is to use various means to coordinate management in all aspects, minimize pollution emissions, and avoid environmental pollution and damage.

Product Features:

1) All the electrical components of the Sushi Packing Machine adopt imported products. The main components are made of stainless steel and food hygienic plastic. The structure is reasonable, the operation is convenient and the operation is stable and safe.

 2) The machine packaging sushi rice balls, the process of mechanization completely manual without the opportunity to automatically complete rice ball molding, plastic film packaging the entire process. Produced rice balls, the surface smooth, beautiful shape, uniform volume, in full compliance with national health and epidemic prevention and other testing standards.

Sushi Packing Machine

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