July 12, 2020

New technology and technology for jigging beneficiation (9)

B J-50 type moving sieve jig This is the moving sieve jig manufactured by Jiangxi Tungsten Mine in China to solve the problem of block tungsten recovery. The screen box is flexibly connected to the lower tank and the water is sealed. The eccentric link mechanism is used to drive the screen box to loosen the bed inside the box. An inclined guide plate is installed under the sieve plate, and the bottom block tungsten is pushed to the special concentrate chamber by the water flow thrust. A chain-driven squeegee is placed on top of the screen box for discharging the upper layer of light minerals. After the stroke is 40~60 mm and the stroke is 100N160 times/min, the waste rock after 18~50 mm photoelectric selection or artificial hand selection is sorted, and the tungsten is further recovered from the block, the selection rate is more than 99%, and the water consumption is Only 1 m3 / ton of mine.
C Hydraulic Screen Jig The hydraulic screen jig is a moving sieve jig made by KHD Humboldt wedag AG in recent years and is shown in Figure 19. The machine is a single-end transmission type, which is fixed by a pin shaft at the extended end of the screen frame, and the other end is driven up and down by a hydraulic cylinder. The ore moves along the slope of the screen, and the heavy products after the stratification are discharged by the discharge wheel, and the light product is discharged over the raft. The two products are respectively placed in the separated lifting wheels, and the light and heavy products are lifted by the lifting wheel and then discharged into the launder to be discharged outside the machine.

The machine for bulk raw coal preselected, selected particle size 300 to 25 mm. The sieve plate area is 3.6 m 2 , the sieve hole is 15 mm, the treatment capacity is 300 ton / hr, the maximum stroke of the sieve plate is 500 mm, the punching time is 25-40 times/min, and the supplementary water volume is only 10-15 m 2 /set. The hydraulic system pressure is 10.8~13.7 MPa and the total power is 55 kW. The machine has been applied in coal mines in the Essen region of Germany.
China's coal system has been developing hydraulic thrust jigs since 1986, and has already made TD14/2.5 single-end transmission hydraulic jigs. The sieve surface is 2.5 m 2 , the particle size is 150~25 mm, and the processing capacity is 80~140 tons/set. It was put into production in Beipiao Xinguan Coal Preparation Plant in 1989.
(3) Agitating the jig The agitating jig should include three modes: hydraulic agitation, wind agitation and paddle agitation. The wind agitation will be described below, and the paddle agitator is now phased out.
The hydraulic agitated jig hydraulic agitator (Pulsator) is shown in Figure 20, and there is no longer a transmission mechanism in the machine. The water flow is under the pressure of 29.48~245.15 kPa (3~25 meters water column), and the valve is opened to enter the jig room. As the flow of water rapidly flows, the pressure below the flap decreases, the inlet closes under the action of the spring, and the pressure rises again. In this way, the rising water flow is intermittently supplied to the jigging room. The artificial bed layer is laid on the sieve surface, and the sieve is discharged through the sieve. Because there is no downward flow, the bed is loose, and the equipment has large processing capacity. It is often installed in a closed-circuit grinding cycle to recover coarse gold or monomer sulfide minerals and reduce over-wear loss. The machine has small structure, strong adaptability, high beneficiation ratio and low water consumption. The disadvantage is that it can not effectively recover heavy minerals of Burma. [next]

(D) no piston aircraft because the jig instead of encouraging the use of hydraulic piston pushes water movement, hence the name, it is widely used in coal preparation, some individual foreign mining for iron ore sorting and manganese ore.
Screen side air chamber jig screen side air chamber jig is also called Baum jig. The domestically produced equipment has a small screen size of 8 m 2 and the larger one is 16 m 2 . It is divided into lump coal (13~125 mm) jig according to the use, and the final coal (0.5~13 or 0~13 mm) jig and no Graded (0~50 mm) coal jig. Figure 21 shows the LTG-15 side drum jig. The body is divided into an air chamber and a jig chamber by a partition in the longitudinal direction, but the lower portion is penetrated. There is a special damper above the air chamber to alternately bleed and discharge compressed air. Thus, a pulsating water flow is formed in the jigging chamber. The raw coal is fed from one end of the machine, layered and controlled by the discharge (矸) wheel at the end of the sieve plate, and then discharged out of the machine by the bucket elevator. The light product (coal) is discharged over the overflow weir.

There are three types of dampers, one is the sliding damper (vertical damper), see Figure 22. The upper and lower movements of the central spool valve periodically open and close the intake and exhaust ports, and there is a period of intermittent period between the two, thereby forming a cycle of the intake period - expansion period - exhaust period - compression period The cycle curve approximates the Meyer cycle. The second type of rotary damper (horizontal damper) is shown in Fig. 23), which is to open and close the intake and exhaust ports intermittently by the rotation of the inner rotor. In the rotor and the outer casing, there is also an air intake adjusting sleeve and an exhaust adjusting sleeve for changing the intake, exhaust and expansion periods. The electromagnetic damper is a new type of damper that uses a numerically controlled circuit to adjust the curve characteristics of the incoming and outgoing air over a wide range.

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