July 12, 2020

Flotation machine can meet the performance requirements of the flotation process

The flotation machine is the same as other machines. In addition to ensuring reliable operation, wear resistance, low power consumption, simple structure and low price, it should also have the following special requirements to meet the flotation requirements:
1. Good aeration The flotation machine must ensure that the amount of air required for the slurry to be inhaled or pressed into the flotation is dispersed as much as possible throughout the tank. Because the air is dispersed more and more uniformly, the more chances of contact between the ore particles and the bubbles, the higher the flotation efficiency.
2. Stirring The flotation machine should ensure good agitation, so that the ore particles are in suspension and can be evenly distributed throughout the tank, and at the same time promote the dissolution of some poorly soluble agents, so as to facilitate the full action of the agent and the ore particles.
3. Circulating flow The circulating flow of the slurry in the flotation machine can increase the chance of contact between the ore particles and the bubbles.
4. Adjusting the level of the slurry In the flotation process, it is often necessary to adjust the thickness of the foam layer and the slurry flow rate, and at the same time, it is also possible to effectively adjust the aeration amount of the slurry and the internal slurry circulation amount.
5. Continuous operation In the flotation machine, it should be able to ensure continuous acceptance of raw ore, floating concentrate and tailings, and suitable foaming and discharging mechanism.

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