June 04, 2020

The principle of desorbing gold in precious liquid from gold-loaded carbon

Gold is present in the cyanide solution as a gold cyanide complex Au(CN) 2 - . During the electrowinning process, gold and silver are precipitated at the cathode. At the same time, hydrogen is precipitated due to the reduction of water, oxygen is evolved at the anode, and cyanide is generated. Oxidation of ions precipitates carbon dioxide and nitrogen.
The electrode reaction is as follows:
Cathode Au(CH) 2 - +e→Au+2CN -
Au(CH) 2 - +e→Au+2CN -
2H++e→H 2
Anode CN - +2OH - →CNO - +H 2 O+2e
2CNO - +4OH - →2CO 2 +N 2 +H 2 O+6e
4OH - →2H 2 O+O 2 +4e
In the cyanide solution, the electrochemical reaction rate of the gold accumulating gold is fast, and the main control step of the process depends on the diffusion of Au(CN) 2 - to the surface of the cathode.

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