January 27, 2021

Equipment planning and maintenance system

1. All equipment should be developed according to the actual situation after operation.
2. The overhaul plan includes overhaul, medium repair, minor repair, and equipment overhaul plan. Each workshop will make the next year's overhaul plan before December 20th of each workshop. The medium repair and minor repair plan will be made by each workshop before the 25th of each month. Next month plans to report to the Production Technology Department.
3. Preparation of the contents of the medium and small repair plans. According to the requirements of the equipment maintenance procedures, the planned repair time and repair costs should also be indicated.
4. In addition to the requirements of equipment maintenance procedures, the content of the overhaul plan must be marked with the inspection cycle and construction period, and strictly meet the equipment repair costs.
5. After the plans are uniformly balanced by the production technology department, they are reported to the relevant departments for approval, and then organized and implemented, and the equipment maintenance records are recorded in the repair process, and reported to the Mobilization Department at the end of the month.
6. Actively carry out economic maintenance, repair and disuse of old waste, and strive to reduce maintenance costs.
7. The equipment repair station is insufficient and not repaired as planned (except special exception) according to the relevant regulations of the company.

Product Description:

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Spiral conveyor Application:

Spiral conveyor is widely used in various industries, such as building materials, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, mine, coal, grain etc.It applies to all kinds pf powder ,and small block grannlar materials , such as pulverized coal , gravel , sand and lump coal , cement , grains , etc ., does not apply to transfer easily degenerate , viscous large and easy to agglomeration of materials , Screw Conveyor working environment temperature should be -20---+50°C range , the transportation of materials temperature below 200°C, the largest dip 20°.

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Screw Conveyor

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